Wolfgang Keller At Konigsbrau-Tak Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Keller joined Konigsbrau as a managing director of Ukrainian subsidiary. He joined this job because of the nature of work attracted him. The responsibilities allocated to this job appealedKeller to join, as he liked working with people that involved his direct interaction with them. 

After some time of managing the marketing and sales department, Keller decided to hire Brodsky as he had a very good professional background which showed the success he achieved through his experience and maturity of handling large number of people.

Keller predicted that Brodsky’smature working style would help the company to achieve its marketing and sales task easily as marketing required great personal involvement with the company and customers in order to understand their issues at ground level. To have a keen knowledge about the product of the company and the issues that marketing activityfaced required a Brodsky personal involvement. 

The issue was raised when the Keller found a serious reservations in Brodsky’s working and management style. Keller thought that Brodsky would work in a friendly manner to have a deep knowledge about the issues to solve it effectively. As had been a marketing head, he should not have restricted himself within his own designed circle, he neededto have informal interactions with his peers, coworkers, and sometimes with customers as well. 

There was a major difference in the working style of Keller and Brodsky that caused so many issues between them. Keller was more inclined towards friendly working style with peers and coworkers. He believed that top management should have a direct relation with the lower management staff. According to Keller, employees should share their ideas, information, and suggestions to the top management, as this strategy helps company to grow faster. 

Keller believes that working under a friendly environment makes it easy for the lower management to address the manager directly about the issues they are facing and it will be easy for the manager to take the necessary actions for the issues to be solved immediately. With this strategy, Keller is able to achieve a remarkable success as he creates loyalty and enthusiasm through his personality. 

On the other hand, Brodsky is more towards the formal style of management. He is not open to people working under him, which creates problem in the progress of the company.Whenever the management staff planed any dinner or fishing activity to enhance their relations with each other,he didn’t attend these social activities to remain in his formal restricted circle. Moreover, his restricted working style creates issues because many a times sales staff needs guidance to make some transaction where the direct involvement of Brodsky is needed. But due to his formal criteria of working he avoids direct interaction that causes a huge loss for the company. 

These types of issues irritatesKeller as he believes Brodsky should take the necessary initiatives in order to help his employees and make the marketing and sales target achievable. Due to this it's become necessary for the Keller to step in to resolve the matter. Keller interference makesBrodsky uncomfortable as he thinksKeller should not interfere in his department’s affairs. These issues are major difference in the working style of Brodsky and Keller creates a problem that affects the company. 

Keller should try to improve Brodsky’s performance by providing some coaching to overcome these issues. Coaching or some activities to improve his performance would help Brodsky to work in the manner that would be helpful for the company to achieve its targets.

Course of Action for the Recommendation

Every company has some different working strategies thatare essential in its growth and every employee is familiar with that working environment.If Brodsky as a marketing head would try to introducea new rigid working style within the organization, it would impact the company as a whole. Moreover, it would be very difficult for the employees to adopt that working style and produce effective results under that strict formal environment.

Keller should give coaching about the culture of the company that is currently followed by all the employees and the culture, customer is familiar with. In Konigsbrau all the employees and customers are familiar with the direct and friendly type of negotiation with the manager. But Brodsky strict behavior or his rigid working style creates so many issues not only for the Keller but also for the rest of the employees of the company as well. Some time when the employees need the direct contact with the head of marketing to solve certain on hand issues, Brodsky’s rigid culture in the organization makes almost impossible for the employees reach him on the urgent basis..........................

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