Will Win, Director, Quality Assurance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Will Win, Director, Quality Assurance Case Solution


The case revolves around the manufacturing organization in which Will Win was hired as a new Director of Quality Management in the organization. After a few weeks of hiring, Will faced and observe various issues regarding the Greasex cans production, provisions, and packaging. Moreover, because of these highlighted issues, organizations face several issues in the quality of finished products, which ultimately reflects the worse impression of the organization that affects market share and potential customers of the organization.

After a few weeks, Will start focusing on each department of the organization separately to generate or create an appropriate conclusion and the methods that present the role of every department in decreasing product quality and manufacturing. Recently the supervisor discussed the complete story with the new director of quality management that the first-line supervisor move all the rejected items towards the finished good inventory by removing their hold tag.

Moreover, at the time Will has hired the main assigned task to him is to advance the excellence of the product, effort, growth, market shares, and reduce the cost of production. As a result, it was very important for him to look over this matter seriously and solve the issue under the concept of total quality management.

Problem Statement

Various main and key problems relate to the manufacturing quality of the product. The first issue relates to the decreasing solvent packed in cans of Greasex which creates a problem with the filling equipment of the organization. It also presents that the machine operator and filling market operator have not had any special training and job skills in the rejected materials.

The plant used for the automated filling of cans is not specifically designed for the related work that impacts the running capacity of the Greasex production. There is also an issue with plastic nozzle heads because of their slight blurs that create problems in terms of fitting the head.


There is a need to analyze the current situation of the organization that creates various problems in product quality and raised a need to look over the quality management concepts. There is a need to put a strict structure for quality assurance over the quality process but it considers to be very difficult because of extremely low accountability on quality. At the current time, there is no concern to provide a high-quality product the organization only looking to deliver and schedule the product first.

The main focus of the organization is to complete the product and move out the door until it has defects or flaws. The organization is only looking to fix short-term problems to complete the product which creates various problems in product manufacturing and its quality. There are various flaws present in each process of the organization in terms of methods, materials, people, and machines.


After analyzing the situation of the organization it presents a few problems in the methods used by the organization for product manufacturing and marketing, which first includes the body of the Greasex product (can) that is specially designed for the product. These designed cans provide a better grip to the customers.

The change in the body of the can is acquired after the market research that helps the Greasex product to create a separate appearance from its competition. However, this change had been no test before, and after using it in production it presents effects over the substantial quickness or substantial hydrodynamics because of using an extraordinarily stressed filling head, but the exclusive of the can and packaging neglected this factor.

The other issue related to the methods of the organization is the promotional and advertising campaigns for Greasex product because the launch of this product is used to beat the competition in the market but the production department of the organization is still trying to put the product in the market with defects and flaws and only focusing on the gain high-tech segment with high market share.


The second issue relates to the material used for the Greasex product in which the plastic nozzle heads are freshly deliberate by the salesperson for this merchandise under a hurry or immediate command that ultimately creates defects with minor husks on the inside edge of the nozzle. This type of defect creates a serious problem in the process of fitting the top of the can. The filling department feels that increasing or putting additional pressure over the filling head under the slight maintenance adjustments helps to resolve the burr problem in the nozzle heads and continue the procedure with the defective materials.............

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