Wildfire Protection: Conflict in the Bitterroot National Forest Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case there is a dispute between the U.S. Forest Service and conservation groups on forest management practices on the Bitterroot National Forest in Montana. Preservation groups sued the Forest Service in U.S. District Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Court with the Forest Service eventually winning questions. However, in August 2008, Dave Bull, head of the forest service, was frustrated with the recurrent conflicts that impede the ability of forests for important services for forest management projects (eg, fuel reduction projects to protect lives and properties.) Dave's staff of 145 people spent 80% of their time collecting and analyzing data, many of whom are preparing for anticipated litigation, and 20% for the project. Dave would like to reverse those numbers, but after 50 years of conflict, he was not sure where to start. He felt that he needed a strategy to improve cooperation, which carried certain risks. If he did worse, he could get an early retirement. When closed, Dave Forest Service is considering an approach to collaboration. Forest Service to encourage cooperative strategy, but he said: "The final decision remains with the agency." Given this reservation, Dave was wondering how it could effectively promote cooperation among stakeholders. The case addresses this issue and gives some directions Dave. "Hide
for Tom D. Hinthorne, Patricia A. Holman Source: North American Case Research Association (NACRA) 15 pages. Publication Date: April 1, 2009. Prod. #: NA0105-PDF-ENG

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Wildfire Protection: Conflict in the Bitterroot National Forest

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