Managing the Chicago Public Schools Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Describes the current systemic reform in schools Chicago Public. Introduces the concept of "differentiation and integration," management approach, resulting in the public school system that couples a "differentiated" treatment, and support for individual schools and efforts to "integrate" the work of all schools and central offices of the area around a coherent strategy for improvement. Participants have the opportunity to diagnose circumstances in 617 schools in the district that leadership drives CPS managed through differentiation and integration in order to improve school and student performance at scale. discussion will enable participants to evaluate the actions of the area to date, analyze the key role, structure and functions, which effectively differentiate and integration, and to identify the major challenges in implementing the strategy.
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by Richard Elmore, Allen Grossman, Caroline King Source: Public Education Leadership Project 29 pages. Publication date: 05 Oct 2006 year. Prod. #: PEL033-PDF-ENG

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