Leaders New Work: Building Learning Organizations Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ray Stata out of Analog Devices laid the of the importance out of learning organization laconically: "The the speed with which organizations to we learn may become the only sustainable source of out of competitive advantage." On the MIT-of sponsored of the conference under the name Converting Organisations of, two questions emerged again and again: How can we build organizations, in which continuous learning occurs? That the form of Rights, can best, lead learning organization? This article, based on the book Senge's website The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practices The out of a learning organization, begins, to chart to the territory of, which describes the to roles, skills, and tools for the to leaders who wish to develop a learning organizations «Hide
. on Peter M. Senge Source: MIT Sloan Management review 18 of pages. Date of publication on the site: 01 Oct, 1990. Prod. #: SMR002-PDF-ENG

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Leaders New Work: Building Learning Organizations

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