Why Facebook and Tencent pursue different strategies in the same technological change contexts Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Why Facebook and Tencent pursue different strategies in the same technological change contexts Case Study Solution  

If the people who use Instagram or Facebook are anything to go by, they are a fun and exciting way of keeping up with friends, family and acquaintances. They are also a great way to keep up to date with current events, especially if you have a job that you work from home and are taking care of yourself and your family. If you don't feel like answering your phone and wasting your time, then you can just log onto the site and see what's going on.When it comes to current news and events, the two sites are always on top and can give you all the information that you need, whether you know it or not, so you can be well-informed and aware of what's happening in the world. Whether you're interested in politics, sports, celebrities, business, weather, crime and much more, you can find everything you need online on these two sites, so you can keep up to date on everything.

Another great thing about this type of social network is that you get the opportunity to be part of a community, which is one of the reasons that people tend to stick with this network. You can stay in touch with the people you care about, because everyone else who uses the site also has the same interests as you do, which means that you'll all have something in common. With millions of people logging into the site every day, you can always expect that there will be a lot of different opinions, comments and suggestions about everything, which means that you can get the information that you want from these sites. These sites are one of the main reasons that people continue to use the social networks, and you'll get a lot out of them.


The good news is that it is very easy to take note of public opinion about Tencent Wechat and QQ and other platforms. You need to go out there and find it yourself and start using it.

In addition to this, another good source of public opinion about these two Chinese chat tools is from other people you know who have already used them and are willing to share their opinions with you. This is actually quite useful because you can get a first-hand account of what other people think and feel about the platform you are using right now. And the feedback you get is also going to help you better understand the platform better than you could ever imagine. Of course, this is not an article about why public opinion about Tencent Wechat and QQ and other chat tools is important or how you should make use of it. There are a lot of other articles about it online. It is simply us trying to provide you a guide to your understanding of public opinion. So what are you waiting for, Take action now and start taking note of public opinion about Tencent Wechat and QQ and other Chinese chatting platforms.

The more you know about them and the more you understand what kind of public opinion exists about them, the more you will become a better user of the social media platforms. And the more likely you are to make a decision on which platform you want to use. Remember that the public opinion is your best weapon. Against the marketing tactics of companies who wish to sell you things they don't actually believe in. and want you to believe in. Don't use it against you. Now that you understand what public opinion is, use it to your advantage. And you will be amazed at how easy it is.




The strategies of Facebook Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook page share a lot of similarities but there are differences as well. Let's explore some of the key differences that can help you get the most out of each social media site.

The first thing you'll notice when you look at these sites is that there is a great deal of similarity in terms of the design of the pages, the user interface (UI), and the layout of the pages themselves. They also share a number of similar features and capabilities and even the most seasoned web designers can make some tweaks to create their own unique layout using a few of these tools. In the same way, the strategies of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp share some common elements, but there are also some things that are unique to each.

In particular, some of the more interesting features include Facebook Live, in which you can broadcast your video, photos, or audio as it happens. It works similarly to Vine, but there are a number of limitations you will need to think about before using this feature for your business or personal use. The next strategy is called "Messenger", which allows users to chat via mobile text. This is another good option for those who want to reach customers and engage with them, and for businesses who can give employees an easy way to communicate between meetings and important team events without having to resort to emails or instant messaging. In addition to this, Facebook also has a very interesting feature called "Slack".

This allows users to join a group that is specific to their industry and then communicate with each other in a group channel. You may be interested in this feature for your business if you are looking for a way to get in touch with your customers and keep them updated on all of your new products, promotions, or news. Finally, the third strategy shared by all of the social networks discussed is the ability to use applications such as Facebook Pages and the new application for ios. As an example, there is the application called Twitters which allows users to send and receive messages from their own profile and then share those messages on Facebook. With this feature, you can easily create your own customized fan page, as well as interact with other groups of people. That are based in your specific area of business.

When it comes to the last strategy of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, the similarities are obvious. Like the other social networks, you can send messages, post photos, and share videos on your profile, as well as adding tags that people can find through search. And tag searches.

The key differences between these two networks, however, come down to the way you manage the content that you publish. And how easy it is for your customers to get the latest updates as they occur. When it comes to sharing photos on Facebook, you have the option of creating albums and sharing them as soon as you take them, or you can store them and share them later. You can also choose to let people know what photos you have stored and which ones you would like them to see and tag or leave open for viewing, or you can let them view them at any time. On your official Facebook and Instagram pages.


One of the best strategies of Tencent Wechat and QQ is "Breadcrumbs". The concept of Breadcrumbs is actually quite simple, but it is still an extremely powerful marketing tool for both platforms. Breadcrumbs are basically small text messages that appear on the bottom of the screen when you visit a website with a certain app installed. These messages act as the user's way to find out more about the website they are visiting. They serve as a reminder to look around the website or read its content before leaving.

The breadcrumbs that appear in both Wechat and QQ can be used to create different types of user experience, from one-step navigation to more complex multi-step methods. This allows us to get more value out of the user's experience while making sure they continue to stay informed about your company. There are several ways to use breadcrumbs in Wechat and QQ. In general, the message breadcrumbs are shown below the main content of the website. This means that if you want the user to go straight to the home page, then you should show the breadcrumbs above the main content.

In addition to showing the message breadcrumbs above the content, you can also display them within a web page itself. This will allow the user to see more content from the different pages in a webpage. It is also important that the content and breadcrumbs are separated so that users can clearly see what they are reading. This ensures that they have easy access to the information they need.In Wechat and QQ, there are several different ways to display the breadcrumbs. You can choose to have them appear above or below the content. You can also have the message appear inside a text box or a small popover. Each of these choices has different advantages and disadvantages. If you want to use breadcrumbs effectively, it is important that you do not display them above the content of a web page. This is because users may find this confusing. They might be tempted to click away from the message, since the content of the message does not match the contents in the web page. Instead, you should try using text-based breadcrumbs where the user's focus is placed on the text.

This ensures that the user can easily see the breadcrumbs. This is why you should only include text within your message. It is also important that you provide the user with easy and clear directions to reach the relevant parts of your site. Another strategy that you can use to display the message is to display it below the web page. When users are trying to find something in your site, the first thing that they look for is the breadcrumbs. If the breadcrumbs are displayed below the web page, users can easily navigate through the different sections of the site.

When users are browsing through your website, they are more likely to read the content first. However, some users might find it difficult to navigate through the content and read through the web page if it is too long or if it is difficult to understand the layout. If you want to make your web page easier to navigate, you should use the shortcut icons that are commonly used on the web page. Some of these icons will give you easy navigation instructions to navigate through the site. For instance, if you are looking for 'about us', you can just press on 'About us' and then search the appropriate search engine. When your search results come up, you can immediately find the web page address that you are looking for.

Apart from the short cut icons, you can also use icons to help you read the web page. These icons are available in the upper right corner of the screen. By using the icons, you can quickly locate the various links in the page. When you use these short cuts, users will easily find the page content without having to read through the entire page. These shortcuts are more convenient than reading through the whole web page. Thus, it is important that you use the tools provided by WeChat and QQ to enhance the appearance and usability of your site.




Facebook Inc. the parent company of some of the leading social media platforms and Tencent the Chinese technology giant both are leading the social media industry, the basic difference of strategies of both companies are based on the mind-set of management, laws and regulations of their country, and the roots from where it has started like Tencent is Chinese based company and Facebook is U.S based company.

It is a minor difference according to some people but it has a huge impact on both the countries in terms of reputation, in terms of work and in terms of ideas and strategies. Also in general every company is different from one another andso is their working style is different from one another.

Applications like WeChat and QQ uses customers phone/contact numbers to open an account on the other hand Facebook uses customers email account, contact number and a backup email address. Facebook has quite strict policiesas compared to WeChat. When it comes to WeChat and QQ these apps are more about connecting people via Bluetooth, location and interesting effects like shaking and many other stuff but in terms of exposure of talent Facebook is playing an effective role. So both the companies are playing a vital role in their own domain. So the conclusion that we have got through the whole study is that there’s need to make improvements in the operations of Facebook by going through the Business frame of Tencent...............

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