Which Coaching and Conflict Skills Are Important for a Leader Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Which Coaching and Conflict Skills Are Important for a Leader Case Solution


Leadership development is a fundamental component of every organization. An organization can only prosper when it utilizes best practices for leadership. When employees are well managed and motivated in the organization, they will show their best to the organization. These are the qualities that create a leader who supports its employees in order to his targeted goals.(Flanagan, 2008). Moreover, leaders enhance teamwork in the workplace even though they they are generalized as initiators of conflict. But they maintain that they can resolve them if they show competent efforts. The leadership inherently developed with the two most important aspects coaching and conflict management. (Leadership).

Conflicts are inherent in the management. It is a universal truth. Hence, none of the organizations can avoid it. However, in every workplace there should be a person who can resolve issues efficiently. He needs to be very patient and take decisions in a very short span of time (Flanagan, 2008). Furthermore, top management hires effective individuals to become leaders, so that the environment of the organization can remain calm and quality of the product or service does not suffer (Brennan, 2010).

Similarly, coaching is also necessary for leadership skills. Coaching helps leaders to accommodate the employees with satisfaction. Moreover, biases can also cause high turnover in many organizations. Thus, the fair dealing of leaders retains employees in the organization. An environment of trust and safety also enhance the capability to achieve the target. Thus, leaders remain alert when confronted by a hurdle to their organization’s success. (Feltman, 2013)

Comprehensive review of the scholarly literature

Brennan (2010) has investigated different characteristics of coaching in leadership. Moreover, the study explores many challenges of an organization with which a leader deals. Challenges to the organization involve increase in employees’ turnover, gaps in hiring to cover the need of staffing, the leadership discussion from different aspects, and the negativity in the ranking of staff ranks that leads to uncertainty and concerns on the ability to analyze the trend, if it is downward. The study explored various features of coaching that are private in nature of relationship with employees, an environment of safety and trust, scope of the communication directly to the employees and their feedbacks, two ways openness and the variety and accountability (Oakley, 2007). The variables were analyzed in order to assess the correlation with coaching leadership styles. The significance of coaching was evaluated with the factors such as attention to employee needs, involvement of employees, fairness; and organizational leadership and departmental leadership. The conclusion of the surveys also enhanced implications in senior management. They started focusing on listening, awareness, willingness, and flexibility in order to evaluate and encourage a conversation.

Deans and Oaklay (2006) has scrutinized coaching and mentoring for the development of leadership. The study evaluated many aspects of coaching and mentoring. Moreover, it has discussed major components of coaching and mentoring that are; commitment and interest of the individuals, adequate resources, support of organization, personal or holistic approach, entrench of process in the context of organization, skills and experience of the coaches and the mentors, appreciation of cross-cultural issues and assurance of smooth external environment. The study focused on the coaching and mentoring in the civil society. Its aspects, are also relevant to different organizations. With the attributes evaluated in the study, the organization can also overcome challenges of internal environment. Furthermore, there has been a significant role of coaching and mentoring in development of leadership and staff..................

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