INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL CASE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Part A

I have been working at a large retail consumer company that has been operating in the market for over a decade or so. The company has been offering low cost good and has been one of the largest players in the market.

The company has been achieving considerable success in terms of revenue and has been expanding itself in the market quite rapidly. My role in the company has been as an assistant manager sales and marketing. I have been a part of the firm for over 7 years.

The issue that has been a major cause of concern for the company has been the fact that the marketing head Mr. ABC has been quite a rigid person. He has not been communicating with the other departments within the firm such as the procurement and finance which has caused various issues.

Since I have been leading a team that is responsible for the sales in California region, Mr. ABC has not allowed me to take decisions. In fact, he has always been someone who holds the command and likes to work in a centralized organizational structure. Although he operates from headquarter in Texas, therefore, taking his approval for all decisions sometimes becomes difficult.

The centralized organizational structure has made the situation difficult for my team because since Mr. ABC is not in my city, he has no idea of the customers, their demands, needs and wants, therefore, he makes decision as per his understanding and liking.

I have been facing severe challenge from the customers because despite making reasonable sales, I have been unable to deliver good results, and the head of the company CEO feels the same as well.

I believe the situation has been a chaotic one asI have been restricted by the marketing head Mr. ABC to not directly interact with the CEO. The organizational structure is the problem within the company.

The issue is of poor management style. In spite being one of the largest retailers in the country, ever since Mr. ABC has been appointed the marketing head, the communication issue and the poor management style have been quite evident at the company.

The employees and the tea members working under my supervision find it difficult as well because sometimes Mr. ABC gives them unrealistic targets to achieve. The overall issue I believe has prevailed because of the ineffective and rather confused management style of Mr. ABC.

My interaction with Mr. ABC has also been quite less because he does not travel to other cities, and actually operates and makes decisions from the head office. I believe that he needs to visit the different cities because the sales target needs to set as per the population size, spending patterns, etc...........................

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