MGMT E-4240 Spring 2016 Final Exam Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

MGMT E-4240 Spring 2016 Final Exam Case Solution

Question 2:

Major HR Challenges over Ten Year

Challenges are always off-set for the organizations. For the human resources organizations, the pervasive market instability, advancement in technologies, shortages of talent, and layoffs are significant factors. Organizations are striving toward improving effective human resource practices through Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). Moreover, there are three major challenges that can affect HR practices in future. A survey was conducted using SHRM’s membership database. The survey reported three major concerns for the challenges. First HR challenge that the world would face over 10 years is of retaining and rewarding the employees. The second challenge that world would face is progress of next generation as corporate leaders. Lastly, the third hazardous challenge to the HR can be the creation of corporate culture that would attract the competent employees.

The first issue of retaining and rewarding can be appealing to the HR practices globally in the coming future due to many reasons. The companies do not leverage new hiree by taking less work from them. Due to pressure of the job, most people try to find other jobs. Thus, it becomes difficult for many of the companies to retain their employees.

The second challenge is of development of corporate leaders that will lead the next generation of employees. Due to rapid change in the perceptions and habits the nature of the businesspersons are also changing. Hence, it will be difficult for the leaders to manage their team patiently.

However, the third issue evaluated from the research is creation of corporate culture. The culture is also a complex part of any organization to maintain. The values and visions of the company if dwindled, it becomes very difficult for it to formulate it again or make amendments (Henson, 2003).

HR Challenges of the companies

  i.            Merck Sharp & Dohme

Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) was established in 1936 in Argentina. It was also covering Uruguay and Paraguay. Moreover, it incorporated its operation in 1979. Although, employees of MSD were awarded as the top employees of Deutschland 2016, however, there are some weaknesses to the HRM of the company as well. Merck Sharp& Dohme will not be able to retain its employees in future. Major reason for the turnover can be insecurity of the job of employees. Moreover, the CEO and other managers are not good in dealing with employees. Furthermore, the company calls to the employees that are already working to the competitive firms. Hence, MSD offer them a good job and handsome salary to the employees that is an unethical practice.

Solution to the Challenges

MSD can face the hurdles with its HR practices in future. Thus, it should formulate strategies in order to standardize the HR practices. Hence, there should be proper regulation from hiring to firing of the employees. This will create a bond through legislation and the employees will get the benefit of job security. Hence, the turnover of employees will not increase.

The second challenge that MSD can face is the betterment of the corporate leaders. The employees appeared to be bad supervisors. Thus, this practice will continue and the next generation can have the same leadership eventually.

The company can also resolve the third challenge easily. It can develop suitable strategies in order to get competitive employees rather than snatching employees from other companies....................

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