What Kind of Leader Will Thrive in Africa? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This informative article discusses the circumstance-specific factors that leaders must take into account when managing people and doing business in Africa, chiefly sub-Saharan Africa and in particular, Nigeria. The author draws on several studies sub-Saharan has done as manager controlling Center for Research in Leadership and Ethics.


Firstly she points out the socio-cultural environment of sub-Saharan Africa. Afterward, sub-Saharan highlights the right leadership qualities which are needed to be successful in this context. Eventually, sub-Saharan reflects on whether the same principles hold true for the millennial generation, based on her research of young Nigerian graduates. Their changing inclinations should be noted, she says, additionally because they signify the African leaders of tomorrow and them to engage now.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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What Kind of Leader Will Thrive in Africa?

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