The Good Commissioner (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A senior district administration in India, after taking office, informing him that his predecessor agreed to acquire the land for the local prison. When he learns that the landlord is the wife of an influential local politician, he became suspicious and decided to inspect the property themselves. Located in the middle of the forest, completely inaccessible to vehicles, and away from the headquarters of the police, it is clear that the acquisition of land is only intended to make someone rich at the expense of the district. Meanwhile, the real needs of the region, to ensure safe drinking water, malaria prevention, literacy, to invest in employment, and to wean local youth from separatist militants who neglect. The administrator decides to stop the acquisition, even knowing that efforts could put his career and his programs to help the area at risk. Case talks about his escalation of tactics, from bureaucratic tricks for deliberate deceit and destruction of government document. It provides a means to discuss the ethical duties of public officials faced with systemic corruption and possible strategies to combat it. HKS Case Number 1888.0 "Hide
by Kenneth Winston 9 pages. Publication Date: December 14, 2007. Prod. #: HKS211-PDF-ENG

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The Good Commissioner (A)

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