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Bose Corporation is the largest company that provides electronic sound appliances to its customers. It is an American company which is specialized in audio equipment. Dr. Amar Bose is the founder of Boss Corporation who established the company in 1964. Moreover, Dr. Amar Bose is a professor of computer science and electronic engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Greenblatt, who is an employee of Bose, also did his masters in electronic engineering. Moreover, Bose and Greenblatt are very much fond of music, and they both share their love for music. However, they both are familiar with the trends that the high fidelity products did not reproduce sound accurately as compared to other products.

Greenblatt was the first employee of Bose Corporation who planned to build the company which is entirely basedon creative acoustic and electronics products. Moreover, the company earned the most of its revenue from its battery operated equipment and as well as its portable equipment, which helped the company to improve its position in the electronic industry. However, its product Hi-fi is considered on the hobby side of the business.

 The company introduced its first speaker model 901 in 1968, which includes direct/reflecting technology which directly affectsthe listeners through its radiating sound waves which then reflectoff from the ceilings, walls, and floors. This product gothuge success in the electronic marker which increasedthe growth of the company in the market. In 1970, the company introduced its second speaker 501 model, which also included reflection technology, however the size of this model was half of the previous model 901 which was launched by the company two years earlier. The company also introduced another speaker model 301 in 1973, which produced real hi-fi sounds as well as this modelcould fit on a bookshelf. Moreover, due to these products,the company enjoyed high profit in the electronic market which also increasedthe revenue growth of Bose’s speakers. After significant achievement in speaker market, the executive of Bose proposed the General Motors to makea car stereo, which would create outstanding sound.

The motto of the company is to produce better sound products through research. The policy of the company was to provide the best quality and best sound products to the customers as well as to grow its business in the market efficiently. In this case, the company focuses on the plan of managing the relationship with the suppliers and vendors. The three questions that the business need to consider are; (1) what activities should be performed by the vendor as well as Bose. (2) How many rights should the vendor have regarding the facilities and computer systems of Bose? (3) What strategies should the company follow in order tomaintain good relationship with the suppliers or to grow the company in the changed market position?

Question: 01

How do Bose’s history, strategy and sourcing policies affect suppliers’ relations? Do you think Bose is a good buyer?


Bose is one of the leading component-quality speaker manufacturers in the world. The company earned $720 million revenue from its sales of speakers in 1990. The company generates its one-third of sales from Japan, one-third from the United States and one-third from Europe. Moreover, the motto of the company is to offer best quality sound products through research which could increase the growth of the company in the market. The mission of the company is to provide better quality products to the customers all around the world by providing high quality sound experience to the customers....................

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