Management El-Alamein For Printing And Packaging Goes Digital Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Management El-Alamein For Printing And Packaging Goes Digital Case Study Help

Risks being facing by El-Alamein

In order to implement the ERP system the El- Alamein Company faced a number of challenges, such as:the very first challenge that the company is facing in the successful implementing of the ERP system is the resistance of change from the head of departments. In order to manage the change and making the implementationof the system successful, the company has to classify the key person from the functional areas, who will be called change agent. The duty of these change agents is tomanage the changes by persuading or convincing the employees towards the change. For this, the changeagents provide information about the change, importance and benefits of change or  council the other employees. Furthermore, the company is also facing the challenge regarding the training of the employees. In order to manage the change and making the implementation of the system successful, the companyhas to provide proper training to the employees regarding how to operate this system, how the work is done with the help of  this system and other description so that the employees of the company would be able to use the system more efficiently. This process is considered to be a time consuming. In order to train the employees; the company would have to hire a team of professional who would provide proper training to the employees and demonstrate them that how to use this system.  Another available option for the company is to hire the fulltime professional who already know how to use this system. If the company hires the experts then various questionwill be raised on the loyalty of the company towards its employees. In addition to this the company is also facing a risk of turnover of employees. The company would have to spend a huge amount for retaining the employees.The other challenges that the company is facing is that it does not have any reliable infrastructure, networks, serves, storages, and has an unavailability of IT/IS department. Employees’ turnover can cost a huge loss and massive amount expenditure to the company in terms of production time, and retraining, especially when key persons are involved, and El–Alamein faced that challenge many times during implementation. Within the half year period the company has lost six key employees. This has causeddelays in various functional areas as well as the duplication of some steps during the analysis and setup phases.In order to have a successful implementation of an ERP system, the company must have to overcome all these challengesand createseveral infrastructural components, such as:a security policy, a backup system anda computer network.

Value Added

The investment in IT/IS would add a number of values to El-Alamein, such as an investment in the IT/IS would enable the company to automate most of its function and reduce the working hours. Different department of the company would be able to integrate with each other and access the relevant information. Furthermore, through the investment in the IT/IS, the company would be able to reduce the investment risk, strengthen itsproductivity, integration of processes and have an enhancement in the efficiency of inventory handling. With these IT investments, the company has established and maintainedstrategic relationships with the well-known multinational corporations. Moreover, within two years the company has increased its revenues by 10 million, which is five time greater than the investment and a return over 50 percent on investment................................


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