We Are So Sorry: Sedang Prestige Resort Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

North American along with the European branded hotel chains in their own quest to maximize stockholder wealth freed up the capital to center on their central businesses with assistance from strenuous contracts and have lately lost possession of assets. The internationalization process has been expedited by the ensuing quest of additional company development and also a fresh business model of franchising the brand/value proposition in international locations has evolved. Globally accepted brands hold the promise of quality that is global. It's widely believed that Western brands deliver more worth than brands from emerging nations, such that they are able to bill prices that were international to worldwide customers. Service delivery failure is encountered often in the lodging and food services business. These types of failures can act as an essential performance measurement criterion. Managers are instructed how to recover from service delivery failure and address faithfulness dilemmas of present customers.

The case exemplifies how a worldwide branded North American hotel chain disregarded the basic tenets of keeping the brand promise that is global, ignored generally accepted North American customer support standards, failed to instigate leveraged company particular abilities and delivery failure retrieval to optimize shareholder wealth. The reaction of the neighborhood equivalent, the reaction to countermand the imbalance in variation of the value proposition and the ensuing business relationship are told from the perspective of a vacationing couple that experienced the diluted brand directly.

We Are So Sorry Sedang Prestige Resort Case Study Solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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We Are So Sorry: Sedang Prestige Resort

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