Succession at Buchanan Transport Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case scenario was the finalist for NACRA’s Curtis E. Tate Award for the best case available in the Case Research Journal in the year 2013. The case relates the history of an Australian family transport firm from its foundation, through its expansion and diversification into agriculture and tourism, to a company and succession disaster almost 90 years later. Youngest daughter of Noel Buchanan, Rita Buchanan, the third generation owner, gave her father an ultimatum about the transfer of business ownership.

Noel's reply, that he would sell the company provided Rita stayed the majority shareholder, brings interlinked family and business issues into focus: the owner's failure to plan for succession following a dispute seven years earlier with his son, who subsequently left the company; the discontentment of his three daughters about how this dearth of sequence planning impacts their futures; the owner's estrangement from his wife, Cherie, over the owner's continuing extramarital relationship; Cherie's animosity of Rita's strategic role in the company; and also the company's dropping profitability, particularly after a cyclone [hurricane] ruined its farm and left many trucks idle. The case takes a decision about whether the youngest daughter should accept her father's offer, and what activities are needed to protect the interests of the other stakeholders and ensure the future of the business.

Succession at Buchanan Transport case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Succession at Buchanan Transport

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