Why Project Networks Beat Project Teams Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

To research the variables which affect the success of teams -intensive projects, the authors studied a companywide acknowledgement software at a large multinational food company for project teams. Typically, project networks contain a core set of team members who bring in center contributors (for example other business employees, suppliers, advisers or customers) from their personal networks to provide knowledge, information or feedback concerning the team's job. The authors contrast nonfinalist and finalist project teams from the team acknowledgement application at the food company. The empirical data the authors report indicate that, typically, there was no significant difference between the nonfinalist and finalist teams with respect to several job characteristics: resources, undertaking membership or changes in the job. However, in a single area there was a significant difference:

The finalist project teams had noncore contributors. After size of center project team, controlling for project characteristics and other factors associated with participation, the amount of contributors that are heart was a positive and significant predictor of success, the researchers report. A project network can be helpful whenever any of these conditions is present: The project scope is past the management and sphere of influence of the core team; the job is complex, and it's uncertain whether or not there is an optimal solution; or some of the knowledge required to develop a high-worth consequence resides elsewhere. Managers can make use of the kickoff assembly of a project to set norms and expectations that members of the project team have the option to look outside the team for potential solutions to complicated problems.


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Why Project Networks Beat Project Teams Case Solution

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Why Project Networks Beat Project Teams

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