WBS project network Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

WBS project network Case Study Solution

How does the WBS differ from the project network?  

WBS is called as work breakdown structure, it is the process in which we divide the work into smaller details. It is the hierarchical view of all the work we have to perform in a project. In WBS, we set the start and finish points of the project. Moreover, WBS also tells us about the resources we need to perform a specific project and gives us the cost estimates of the project. (Mukund, 2017)

On the other hand, project network is a diagram that shows the sequence in which the project should work on. It shows the dependencies between each and every activity to be performed in the project. Moreover, in project network, start and finish are clearly defined.We arrange all the activities in a sequence and their time and cost are estimated. (Murthy)

Advantages of WBS

  • Boost productivity

WBS boosts productivity in a way that it helps the project manager in the identification of skills that are required for that specific project and the manager will be able to know what type of people and resources are required for the project. WBS helps the manager to get the right person for the job and it will boost the productivity.

  • Allocating time and cost estimates

Work breakdown structure allows manager for allocating time cost estimates on the basis of work packages.

Disadvantages of WBS

  • Increase work burdens on management

When it comes to the structure of work breakdown, it is a very hectic job to do as WBS is a step by step approach, so managers have to check off all the activities that are completed.

WBS project network Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Advantages of Project Network

  • Planning and organizing

Project network diagram helps the team and manager in a way that in a network diagram, activities are shown in a sequence with their dependencies and interrelationships that can help the team in planning and organizing such as what type of skills required for an activity, this will help the manager to employ the best person for the task.

  • Time estimate for the project

Since network diagram shows how activities are interrelated to one another from the starting till the end of the project so, it will be helpful for finding the overall project duration.

Disadvantages of Project network

External factors

In network diagram, we don’t consider external factors such as weather, external factors can become the cause of delaying in any activity.

How are WBS and project networks linked?

Actually project networks are established from work breakdown structure. Work packages from work breakdown structure (WSB) are used to develop the activities established in the project network. The project network uses the time assessments from the WBS to develop the dates for the project. Integration of project network and WBS is important for effective project management................

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