Virtual vineyards Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Statement:

“Virtual Vineyards is thinking over its decision of expansion and whether would it be able to sustain its new line of product offerings.”

Supporting argument:

Olson and Gran off have been running their vineyards successfully by providing quality vines and exceptional customer care to their customers. As the industry is facing intense competition and the rivalry is growing amongst the vine makers, Virtual Vineyards needs to focus upon the possible opportunities it can capitalize on. The customers have different needs supported by their different levels of income and Virtual Vineyards must find out a way, which ensures that every person gets what they expect from the vineyards.

Alternative Strategies

1.      Extending the business

Virtual Vineyards has been catering to the vine-lovers. People love the taste and the originality of their vines that are produced by Virtual Vineyards. Their excellent customer care service at their restaurant boosted the sales of the company and has made them grow quickly over time.

Olson’s knowledge and passion for vine is communicated to his customers and how well a wine would complement the food they have ordered and what type of vine they should try. Virtual Vineyards has been able to create a good image for themselves and people are most likely to offer them a visit to them for having a classic glass of vine.

Their entrance into new business lines would allow them to communicate with the customers more interactively and brand recognition would increase tremendously. They could start off with new products and still maintain the growing trend of their products. Virtual Vineyards would heavily benefit from expanding into new dimension of the market. Vine industry in the US has huge potentials for extensions of this nature. Customers would develop a higher level of affiliation with the brand as they would be able to use the brands other offering as well and still would be benefiting from the core product of the brand that is quality vine.

2.      Provide Value to Customers

Customers play a major role in the development of any product being offered by a brand. The future of the company and the product is in the hand of the customers and nothing can affect a product as much as the customers can. Every customer has different expectations from the product which they have opted for from a large number of offerings in the market available for purchase.

Virtual Vineyards has been catering to the customers efficiently and meeting their expectations efficiently through their diverse vine offerings and effective communications with their customers.

The website also adds up to the value being conveyed to the customers as it is bold and simple at the same time. The customers don’t have to look up for things through a complex process. The web page highlights the desired areas for every customer’s needs. Customers can easily go to the webpage and find out more about the history of the company as well as the vines. The customers can easily look around the different types of vines, which are available at the Virtual Vineyards restaurant.

Delivering values like these to the customers create a higher sense of affiliation with the brands and result in a longer relationship between customers and companies. Virtual Vineyards would heavily benefit from actions like these and the customers would perceive a higher level of value being delivered to them against their paid prices.

3.      Enhancing the Quality

Customers are provided information by the website of the company. The customer has a vast knowledge about the taste of different vines. If the quality of the products is sacrificed to even the slightest level, then the customers would divert from the brand and might choose another vine product.

Virtual Vineyards can sustain and enhance their sales by providing higher quality of the vines. The taste development is the main target for any vine maker.

Vine makers mainly focus upon their taste and how can they maintain the same taste for every time the vine is offered. If the taste varies e.g. the customer tried a vine for the first time and liked it, but when he/she ordered for the same vine again but it did not taste the same. These shortcomings can heavily affect the image and the financial performance of the company as the customers are very knowledgeable and educated regarding the vines and their origins and how they should taste...........................

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