Vancity, Doing Good, Doing Wel Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Vancity, Doing Good, Doing Wel Case Solution

Vancity’s Competitive Strategy:

This Organization was the first who provide first loan money that helps new immigrants to buy their homes, and it was the first women to buy homes without their husband's signature and was provide new technology with daily interest.

Another competitive advantage was:  this company was controlled by its customers, full fill their needs, and all customers have an equal right to select board of directors, and voting right is not relying on the capital invested by their customers (members).  This policy is followed by this company otherwise in other companies voting right is depend on the capital investment.

One of the biggest advantages was: Vancity was the largest financial cooperative in British Colombia (BC), at the end of 2007; it has 49 credit unions, 368 branches, 500 ATMs and serving more than 1.6 million members.


Describe and Evaluate the Effectiveness of this Company:

Vancity is the kind of organization: that is located in different or many areas, has diversity and shows respects for its members.  Before financial crises, Vancity attends all goals, and the revenue of this organization was at the peak and at that time Vancity was counted as one of the leading Financial Cooperative in BC. After the financial crisis of 2008 many of the financial institutions, banks were grinding down (destroyed) but regardless of this declining Vancity continued to be a focus for new members, with increasing membership from 407070 to 409202 in the first quarter of 2009.

Vancity was loyal towards its goals, objectives and also committed to the Co-operative Principles of the International Cooperate Alliance.


Analyze and Evaluate Vancity’s Environment:

Vancity was founded by formers who are subsequent the Second World War. This organization is fully controlled by its members (customers), in short period they change the nature of banking in larger Vancouver. In latest years, Vancity evolved (start) social responsibilities and attained environmental sustainability, and becoming the first financial institution in North America.

Here are some financial for Analyzing and Evaluating Vancity’s Environment:

As this graph shows a return on average assets:

In 2004 return on assets are high means organization having more fixed assets, after 2004, 2005, 2006 return on average assets are increasing but in declining rate. In 2007 return on assets is declining because a company sells its fixed assets for cash.

Same in the case of Return on equity, more return on assets means more return on equity that means a company having more investment and more assets.  As a return on assets is declining, return on equity is also declining, these both are directly proportional.

Membership was showing positive trend year by year because this organization is totally controlled by its Customers (members), so their trust is developed towards this organization.


Describe Vancity’s Inter organizational Relationships:

Vancity is leading financial organization and showing positive growth year by year. Investors are delighted to invest in this organization because this organization has more income, high earning per share, salaries and benefits were high for members than other financial organization...............

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