Vanke (B): Moving Forward Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2113 © 2009
Nie, Winter; Zhang, Lily

The future held a number of brand-new difficulties for Vanke. Vanke's "focus" technique had actually been essential to its succes, one vital difficulty was whether to diversify to some degree or not. Other obstacles consisted of industrializing property advancement and globalizing business.

2) Understand how Vanke established its competitive benefits through focus, client division, and services. 3) Show Vanke as an uncommon example of "focus" technique application in China where business owners tend to prefer diversity.

Vanke (B) Moving Forward Case Study Solution

Subjects: General Management; China; Customer focus; Focused strategy; Chinese entrepreneurship; Real estate
Settings: China; Real estate development; 2007 revenue of RMB 33.49 billion; net profit of RMB 4.84 billion; 2008

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Vanke (B): Moving Forward

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