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The dawn of October 9, 2012 saw the portfolio manager for Thackery Real Estate Fund lost in contemplation. TREF was a substantial investment fund that specialized in the commercial and industrial property. While TREF had plentiful investors, there was one huge institutional investor, and it had asked for an informed on the fund by week's conclusion.

Weighing on the portfolio manager's head was a particular industrial park in Montreal, Quebec known as the Center Corporate Abbott. He was paying attention particularly on a recommended investment that desired $20 million to acquire a finished, tenanted building acknowledged as Building A. From the same developer, the portfolio manager had procured two other adjacent properties for $17 million in 2008. In building his decision, he knows that the inexpensive news across the earth was not flushed.

In Canada and Quebec, the manufacturing sector had not beaten the challenges of the Great Recession of 2008. For Quebec specifically, in addition, it appeared like the voters may be tending towards an additional separatist authorities and news of dishonesty in the building sector had become daily fodder. The portfolio manager wondered whether he should pursue through with the investment and, if he did he had explained his investors his recommendation as early as Friday.

PUBLICATION DATE: October 22, 2013 PRODUCT #: W13449-HCB-ENG

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