Rawhide Brewery Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Rawhide Brewery a small Canadian brewery, is considering a chance to share its excess production capacity with a different brewery, Tabby Cat Beer (Tabby). Three proposals are under consideration, each requiring a different accounting treatment by Rawhide.

The next is a more elaborate arrangement under which both parties would put money into the common shares of a recently formed entity into which Rawhide would transfer related debt and its present brewery operations. Since Rawhide would ensure the debt of the brand new thing, it would make all crucial decisions. Under the 3rd alternative, Rawhide and Tabby would own 60 per cent of the shares that are common and the remaining 40 per cent, respectively, and all essential decisions would be made by both parties. The CFO of Rawhide has been requested to assess the accounting implications, edges and disadvantages of the many alternatives, considering the impact on Rawhide's debt -to-equity ratio.

Rawhide Brewery Case Study Solution

PUBLICATION DATE: October 25, 2012 PRODUCT #: W12281-PDF-ENG

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Rawhide Brewery

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