Understanding Costs Business Fundamentals Series Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Business Fundamentals are collections of Harvard Business School background materials, reflecting HBS courses and complete self-study guides. This collection is the basis of cost accounting management and control systems. In a series of Business Principles, it contains materials used in MBA from Harvard Business School and education programs. The collection includes the following items: "Understanding the costs for decision-making", "A Brief Introduction to cost accounting" and "Basic analysis of investment capital" William J. Bruns, Jr., "Measure costs right: make the right decision" by Robin Cooper Robert S. Kaplan., and "One cost system is not enough," by Robert S. Kaplan, "Hide
by William J. Bruns, Jr., Robert S. Kaplan, Robin Cooper, Arthur Schleifer Jr., Donella M. Rapier 110 pages. Publication Date: December 18, 1998. Prod. #: 9261-SBB-ENG

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Understanding Costs Business Fundamentals Series

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