Unaxis (B): Going Asia Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-6-0279 © 2005
Seifert, Ralf W.; Cordon, Carlos; Jäger, François

Unaxis Data Storage; a division of a high tech firm that is European that is large; is facing a tough option. The management has to produce an alternative to make some of its product in Asia and create some cost economy since most of its customer base is in Asia. Yet; the business desires to keep control of its supply chain and its intellectual property.

Unaxis (B) Going Asia Case Study Solution

Subjects: Supply Chain Management; Outsourcing; China; Asia; High-tech; DVD; Sourcing; Procurement; Intellectual Property
Settings: Europe; China; High tech; 7;000 employees; CHF 1;78 billion (2004); 2005

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Unaxis (B): Going Asia

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