Unilever Ice Cream Europe (D): Lessons (Transcript) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Malnight, Thomas W.; Van der Graaf, Kees; Keys, Tracey

The closing case sums up the vital knowing points from the journey, which can result in conversations around how these lessons and the techniques utilized by Unilever can be used to identify the sources of intricacy in the individuals' own companies and taking on these difficulties to drive development and earnings. Knowing goals: Each action in this case and video series develops on the previous one, presenting brand-new difficulties, conversation points and knowing.

Individuals start in the A-case by checking out the obstacles of intricacy dealing with Unilever Ice Cream, and can have beneficial conversations around the reasons for intricacy, the effect of intricacy on business and the difficulties in decreasing intricacy. These conversations and problems can be straight away associated to comparable difficulties facing their own companies. As the individuals carry on in the journey with subsequent cases and video footage, they have the ability to check out how the business effectively took on intricacy, the management and organizational difficulties it dealt with in doing so and how they must get rid of it.

Unilever Ice Cream Europe (D) Lessons (Transcript) Case Study Solution

Subjects: Complexity; Simplicity; Strategy; Change; Growth; Profitability; Must-Win Battles; Execution
Settings: Europe; Food; Ice cream; €14 billion (Unilever overall); €2.5 billion (Unilever Ice Cream Europe); 2001–2003

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Unilever Ice Cream Europe (D): Lessons (Transcript)

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