UK National Identity Cards Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 1

How prevalent is the use of identity cards in various situations in which you find yourself?

The identity cards play very important role for the identification as well as for the security purposes of an individual. The identity cards provides the easy access to the social facilities and services as well as it helps to secure the assets and properties. Moreover, identity cards provide the ways to tackle the terrorism, illegal working and identity fraud in everyday activities. Identity cards are the critical tools used against the terrorist attacks by stopping them from using multiple identities that helps to prevent the attack.

We need an identity card at many places and in many situations. When going for admission in colleges and universities also when seeking a job or applying for it, We need an identiuty card.. We need to give our identity tokens while receiving many services. When a person is going to the police station to file a report against any crime that has been done to him, needs to prove his identity first. A person filing a petition in the court for his rights, needs an identity number too.

Identity cards make the life easier by providing with an easy and convenient means of proving the identity. The use of the identity cards will allow to protect the society from the illegal immigration and it also reduces the illegal employment.

Question 2

How are identity tokens related to issues such as identity theft and identity fraud?

The introduction of the identity token has created major challenges for the protection of the data as well as the data privacy of an individual or an organization.

In addition to this, identity tokens are a threat to the protection for an individual data as the personal information of the person can be misused by the criminals. Such as, if a person loses their identity card and someone else gets the hold of it, then there is a chance that the personal information of that person which includes valuable  data can be misused by others.

Additionally, the identity threats serve as a major threat to the data privacy of the person as well as civil freedom due to the lack of personal liberty. The identity token contributes to an increase in the identity related crime as the increase in the information system has become an important part of everyday activities that result in the escalation of criminal behavior. Such as, the use of the false identity or the use of the other person's identity in order to obtain the goods or services.

The identity frauds are also used in order to conceal the real identity of the person as well as  the undocumented immigrants use the identity fraud to conceal their illegal status as well as to avoid deportation.

With the assistance of identity fraud and theft an individual could hide his poor credit history from the potential creditors as well as use the identity token to commit other frauds for financial gain. The improvement in the technology, although have made the things easier, but these advancement in the technology have also brought risks towards an individual data protection that results in the increase of the identity theft and identity fraud.

However, there are many things that one can do by having the identity or information about a person, other than acquiring benefits for himself.

Question 3

What does identity mean in both the online and offline world?

The meaning of identity in an offline world includes basic information about the person such as name, the address of the person and date of birth .On the other hand, the meaning of identity in an online world includes the detailed information about the individual’s identity card number, token number, credit card number, PIN code, passwords and other important transactions made by using digital and electronic technology.

The advancement and the widespread adoption of the digital systems have impacted the online and offline world identity as it develops, reassess and transforms the drives of the identitiy. In addition to this, token identity assurance in the online and offline world identity includes cards that are quiet effective when making the purchasing decisions or in order to gain access to the  particular  facility to the service.................

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