Identifying New Product Development Best Practice Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

New product development (NPD) practitioners tend to practice test NPD, because the identification of any practice that is able to more efficiently and / or effectively implement a new product can be the difference between success and failure. Common goals, so to identify the NPD best practices in the hope that the company will exhibit and support them to increase their NPD efforts. To help in identifying such practices, we present a framework developed from previous benchmarking studies, Delphi methodology with leading experts and a survey with more than 300 NPD practitioners. The uniqueness of the framework lies in its ability to distinguish between NPD practices in seven dimensions: strategy, research, commercialization process, the project environment, company culture, and performance / performance measurement. The structure is also unique in the fact that in each dimension, poor NPD practices listed as a starting point from which to improve, along with the best practices in which the company should aspire to. To further assist in the continual improvement, the audit tool is off base, suggesting investigative questions that physicians may be asked to evaluate their company's NPD efforts. We conclude with general remarks on the NPD practice, how to move on in search of best practice NPD makes. "Hide
by Gloria Barczak, Kenneth Kahn B Source: Business Horizons 13 pages. Publication Date: May 15, 2012. Prod. #: BH480-PDF-ENG

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Identifying New Product Development Best Practice

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