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Question 4

What benefits and dangers do profiles of individual’s hold?

The  profile of the individual holds several benefits and risks that impacts the data protection and privacy of a person .The most important benefit of an individual profile is that it provides easy and secure access to the goods and services that are required by the person. The information that the profile of the individual consists of  the full name, date of birth to the address that creates both the threats and benefits for the individual .

The profile of the individual is helpful in identifying relevant information about the person in the critical situation as individual  profile includes a lot of information about a particular person. As, the profile of the individual may also contain the information related to the health risks that the individual holds,  in the case of an emergency if the person is badly hurt and it is difficult  to recognize the issue of that person then the only possible way that the individual can be identified is through the  identity card.

The profile of an individual contains the useful information that plays a significant role in lowering the crime in the society by quickly and reliably identifying the criminals while providing the reliable and verifiable data.

In addition to this, the use of  information will provide the security in the delivery of the services such as voting process, passports, driving licensing, healthcare and taxation as well as it increases the efficiency in the day to day business transactions.

Also, the profile of an individual ensures safety while seeking the job as many organizations require the identity cards when it comes to a job application in order to examine whether the provided information is accurate or not. While on the other side, the main risk that is associated  with the profile of the individual is the threat to the data privacy and the civil liberties .The profile of an individual contains very useful and essential personal information that can be misused by someone else for identity fraud and threat purposes.

However ,the individual profile information can be used to track a person, as well, as by using the individual information the government of the state can create the national data base that will be helpful in order to prevent the situation of identity fraud and theft .With the growing progess in the technology it is becoming more difficult to take the effective measures that will be helpful in order to secure the personal information that the profile of an individual contains.............................

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