Chez Panisse: Building an Open Innovation Ecosystem Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case traces the concise history of a leading restaurant, Chez Panisse, established by Alice Waters and especially focused on the open innovation ecosystem that it built after the efforts of more than 40 years. The case defines the domestic and international ecosystem of Waters through an integrated open innovation approach with its stakeholders, including alumni chef and staff, food writers, supplier, and others. The restaurant, over the years, has now become a platform for supporting various prominent chefs, food writers, and suppliers, in addition to a famous Edible School Yar Project (ESY) that supported in funding edible schoolyards all over the country. The ecosystem of the restaurant is accompanied by all of  these members that helped in various collaborations and promoted the developments throughout the years. The entire developments of Chez Panisse ensured that the efforts by the Alice Waters since its establishment have been in the right direction. While moving ahead, she wanted to ensure the sustainability of its current success along with the restaurant’s greater ecosystem growth. She needed to know that how could she expand her philosophy that the quality food is naturally and domestically developed and harvested in ways that are not harmful in the context of ecology by people who looks for the land for next generation.

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Chez Panisse: Building an Open Innovation Ecosystem

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