Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a Better Shower Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

SWOT Analysis



The launch of Quartz by Aqualisa is an example of the company constantly looking to bring in new products to the company portfolio.

aqualisa quartz case solution

aqualisa quartz case solution

Market Share

The company Aqualisa is ranked as the third largest shower manufacturer in the European shower industry. The products manufactured by the company are available in all DYI and tradeshows.

Distribution Network

Aqualisa has maintained a strong distribution network which makes sure all products manufactured by the company are available in all outlets.


It is the bread and butter product for the company which generates the most revenue.


In-efficient marketing:

Aqualisa does not market and advertise its products which make the customers unaware of the new launch of products by the company.

High Prices:

Aqualisa is considered as a high priced brand by the customers who affect the overall sales for the company.

Low sales:

The sales of Aqualisa products in its local region United Kingdom is less as compared to other brands in the UK.



The launch of Quartz by Aqualisa gives the company an opportunity to explore the untapped market of electronic shower that is also easy to use.

Untapped market

More than 40% of homes do not have showers therefore; Aqualisa has the opportunity to explore the market.

Technological Advancement:

With the customer in the industry looking for showers that are instantly set to a specific temperature, Aqualisa can explore the opportunity of fulfilling customer demands with the launch of Quartz.



The increasing competition among the existing industry players reduces the profits for all industry players.

Plumber influence

The purchasing decision of consumer for shower is solely dependent upon plumbers who recommend specific brand to the buyers.

Competition within company

The launch of Quartz by Aqualisa has given direct competition to all brands under the company because Quartz has features of all products in one shower.

BCG Matrix

The product Aqualisa Quartz lies under the question mark status in the BCG model because after the initial two months of the launch of the product, it has not shown good signs or profitable aspects. Although, a high-quality product targeting the consumers from all across does not have enough marketing done over it to actually educate the customers about the benefits and its features. Therefore, being a highly innovative product Quartz can break through in the market if properly advertised and targeted.


Targeting Developers

An alternate to increase the sales and bring in better profits for the company can be achieved by targeting the developers more swiftly. The option of attracting developers will increase the sales for Quartz automatically because plumbers will then have to follow the requirements of the developer who also brings sales in large quantity.

The disadvantage associated with targeting the developer is that it will take extra time to reach potential customers. As the case states, Quartz has a maximum advantage of two years with the new technology. Along with this, developers perceive Aqualisa as a premium price brand therefore they hesitate using it for their use.

Targeting Do-It-Yourselfers

Aqualisa has the option of making the product as Do-It-Yourself. The reason which will make it as Do-It-Yourself product because of the easy installation it requires. Making it easy and convenient to use will reduce the marketing expenses for Aqualisa. Along with this, the similar marketing channel can be used which can target the right audience.

The problem associated with the move of making Do-It-Yourself product is that it will not be able to charge higher prices. Secondly, it will make difficult for Quartz to move away from the reputation of being Do-It-Yourself product.

Target Consumers Directly

The third alternate for Aqualisa to increase sales and to attract the market users is by directly attracting the end user or the consumers for shower. The benefits of portraying it as a consumer brand will make customers associate themselves with it and will eventually influence the plumbers to install Quartz in their washrooms. Attracting customers directly will increase sales through word of mouth and value proposition also. Triton as stated in the case has succeeded in directly targeting the end users and has become successful also.

The problem of targeting the end user or the consumer directly involves higher cost because of the sensitivity of the shower industry where plumbers have been the real source of influence. With the industry already mature and stagnant investing on marketing along with advertising can be a costly a move for the company. If the product still does not attract target pool of audience, the company might end up losing a lot of revenue..................................

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