Safe Water Network in India Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Safe Water Network, a charity initiative focused on supplying clean drinking water to underserved populations, developed its initial site in village of the Nizampally, India. This case scenario was exceptional in a number of its execution as well as methods in its conception. Firstly, subsequent to vigorous assessment of the mentioned area, demand-driven options were customized to respond to the specific water-related dilemmas of the area.

Secondly, it was bolstered by well-reputed Indian and international companies who not only supplied monetary support but also prolonged assistance in terms of additional research, assessment and technology. Thirdly, the project was not economically unsustainable and required active involvement and ownership. Participation and the commitment of the villagers was really heartening but would this excitement continue? Would the villagers see value in this cost? Were there any hurdles to the adoption of the project?

Safe Water Network in India case study solution

PUBLICATION DATE: February 03, 2014 PRODUCT #: W13601-PDF-ENG

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Safe Water Network in India

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