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Training needs analysis

Organizational analysis

JSMB is one of the leading business schools aiming to provide the best learning and research environment for the students to help them use the knowledge attained at JSMB in the marketplace. JSMB objectives are to grow constantly and to provide students with a competitive learning environments. The company is with an objective to innovate and integrate its program and enhance its student exchange program to provide their students with an opportunity to learn different cultures and environments. The schools want to increase the involvement of the business community into the programs offered by JSMB and provide students with an opportunity to attract with the business community.  The JSMB’s strategy is to innovate and develop and enhance the methods to increase the involvement of the alumni and to sustain the best faculty.

Operational analysis

The course strategic human resource management focuses on giving students a deep insight about the methods of developing and implementing corporate and business strategies. Students will be able to develop certain skills and have sufficient knowledge about the ways and methods to develop these strategies and how they can be linked with the objectives of the organization after taking the course of strategic human resource management.  The course will help students to plan, develop, implement and integrate such strategies. The organizations also expect students to pose the skills and abilities required to make and implement them on business and corporate strategies in order to help the company excel after taking the course of strategic human resource management.

The companies expect the managers to use the strategic management abilities and develop such strategies that can link the human resource in an organization and using these strategies, move ahead in achieving the goals and objectives of the company.

Person analysis

In personal analysis, students are analyzed in two phases. In the first phase, the performance indicators are developed to measure the performance of the employees. In the second phase, the gaps between knowledge, skills and abilities are highlighted, and development towards the improvement are made. The student may have the knowledge about these strategies, but he might be unaware of the methods and producers to develop such strategies.

KSA gap

Before the course, students were unaware of the skills and abilities that they must possess to develop a strategic plan and were only relying on the raw knowledge about these strategies. The market is demanding and needs students undertaking the course of strategic management to have sufficient knowledge along with the ability to practically implicate that knowledge and develop corporate and business strategies to help organizations sustain and grow. The abilities and skills require students to adopt teamwork and link all the human resource activities in the organization and introduce the new methods of planning, developing and implementing such strategies. The students were not aware of these demands of the corporate world and were only aware of the basic knowledge about strategic human resource management. With the help of this course, they got familiar with the practices and methods designed to develop such strategies.



Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of this course can be guide students about the benefits of a strategic approach in managing human resource. To guide students in positioning the firms, HR strategies as a bridge between its corporate and business strategies. Help students to understand the different designs to monitor and evaluate HR, business and corporate strategies. And using these strategies helps employees within the organization to develop provided with training.

Recommended Instructional Methods

Besides normal lectures on the topics and case analysis, focused should be on giving live assignments, and given a task like hypothetical organizations facing certain issues. The task should be to make strategies, resolving those issues. Besides individual task, team tasks should be assigned to promote teamwork and help students to develop the ability to work in teams and effective communication. This will help them sharing and gaining new ideas among themselves. There should be lectures from people already working in the corporate sector to deliver deep insight about the demands of the corporate world and what skills and abilities a human resource strategic manager must possess.

The teachers should give more focus on practical implication of the knowledge by giving more tasks to plan, develop and implement strategies. One major method important is the visits of students to organizations in order to get knowledge about the strategies organizations are implementing. The traditional methods include lectures, case analysis, assignments, quizzes, etc. these all should be included, but by adding the one mentioned will enhance the students’ ability to develop skills and gain knowledge................

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