Through the eyes of the whistle blower Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Through the eyes of the whistle blower Case Study Solution

Case notes:

The case revolves around the hardworking and morally ethical woman Hunt; she has been working in the position of underwriter and vice president at the bank. She is a strong follower of rules, taken pride to not to compromise her integrity at any cost. The ethical dilemma that has been faced by her was the fraud of the Citibank loan approvers. Mortgage processors grant the loans having defects in the grant applications, most of the time applications filled by them had numerous cases of fraud and was accounted by Hunt and it has now a become challenge that she is facing to stop this practice at any cost.

The ethical values of Hunt cannot be questioned, as she has taken various steps, raised her voice against this disruption, but being a loner and due to the frequent changeover of the upper management required actions against these frauds have not yet been taken. She has rejected many HUD-1 and also disapproved loans but the quality rebuttal committee made approved them causing disgrace to her reputation. The compensation system based on loans approved is not effective and should be reformed, this system is the major cause of frauds at the bank. The job concerns and security after the financial crises had caused her to not to blow whistle and remain silent, but she is now at the verge of patience and deeply intended to take some actions or steps to solve the ethical drawbacks of the bank..

Through the eyes of the whistle blower Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Hunt should file a lawsuit against the Citibank and take them to the court, sending all the details to US justice department as a proof for major actions to be taken by the court against them. She should talk in the media stating all the facts that she tried a lot to persuade the mortgage lenders and should quote that all these frauds were intentional and deliberate. Not keeping in mind about the job security, now it’s high time to evolve as an ethical leader...............

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