GODREJ SECURITY SOLUTIONS Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Answer no 1

First Law (Arbitrage/Arbitration)

This first law of Arbitrage and Arbitration isa quite effective law for doing business especially for Godrej Security Solutions as the first law of Godrej Security Solutions in Arbitrage perspective analysis indicates that Godrej Security solution can earn more profit on same asset by selling at different place as arbitrage which mean buying and selling a security at different places at different price to earn margin of different prices. Likewise Godrej Security Solutions can buy its assets as well as real assets.It can also purchase mechanical & electronic system from different suppliers as well as it can sell it to different customers, by doing so Godrej Security Solutions can expand its market for customer, can attract more customers and can raise its market share. On other hand, Godrej Security Solutions can minimize its cost and can control it. When the the company controls its cost,its expenses reduce which ultimately increases the margin of gross profit.

The first law of Godrej Security Solutions can improve the performance of the company in Arbitration as the first law (Arbitration) supports Godrej Security Solutions to deal with their customers and suppliers efficiently as well as the company can solve any issues without disturbing their operation activities and routine schedules of the company, as the first law (Arbitration) allows Godrej Security Solutions  to involve an arbitrator to resolve issues if any. Moreover, if any issue occurs then Godrej Security Solutions should provide a permission security solution system to many institution show ever,they are not working properly due to error in programing. Godrej Security Solutions can involve arbitrator as a negotiator or lawyer of company and deal with institution and solve its issue. Moreover, for details or solving issue,arbitrator has the right to negotiate with original supplier of product who has supplied anything to the company.  (Secure)

Answer No 2

Profit Pathways

Godrej Group is an Indian conglomerate company. The headquarter of the company is in Mumbai. The company’s major shares and rights have been own by the Godrej family and the family members take the crucial and strategic decisions regarding the business. The company was founded by two key members of Godrej Family, Ardeshir and Pirojsha Godrej. The business portfolio includes the Godrej Properties, Godrej consumer products, Godrej Agro vet and Godrej and Boyce which is a private holding company.

By analyzing the above discussion, it can be said that Godrej can be broadly defined as two holding companies; Godrej Industries Ltd and Godrej and Boyce manufacturing co. ltd. Moreover, there are numerous services and products which the company is providing. These goods and services are as follows

  • Chemicals
  • Vegetable oil
  • Furniture
  • Animal Feeds
  • Plant Biotech
  • Godrej property
  • Software and IT solution
  • Godrej security solution

The company has a wide range of products and a huge number of satisfied customers, as the company has a strong market image and goodwill. In addition, the management of the company is trained enough to satisfy the customers and to fulfil their needs and wants regarding the product and services.

Four strategic ways to generate profit

Developed Relationships

The company is generating suitable profits by maintaining its relations with its forward and backward channel allies. However, the company is focusing to satisfy more customers by satisfying their needs and by providing them the best value against the paid price. This strategy is helping the company a lot to generate significant profits as the company does not have to invest a lot in marketing as its forward and backward channel members do the same job....................

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