Chandpur Enterprises Limited Steel Division Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Managing Director of Steel Plant faced with the decision on how much each material in order for the plant to the next month. Due to the lower and upper limits on the amount of each type of raw material in the party and various amounts of electricity, and the time spent on various raw materials, not just use cheap raw materials. Linear programming solver and optimization functions Excel provides the optimal number that meet the constraints. Interestingly, the best mix for baking is not the best mix for a monthly plan. Shadow prices indicate value relaxing restrictions. A typical model with monthly student will be non-linear, although it can be written as a linear model. This case is the basis for an introductory course on linear programming and linear versus non-linear models. "Hide
by Samuel E injury, Akshay Mittal Source: Darden School of Business 4 pages. Publication Date: April 6, 2011. Prod. #: UV6307-PDF-ENG

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Chandpur Enterprises Limited Steel Division

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