Thompson Asset Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Since its inception in 2009, the CEO and founder Allison Thompson of Thompson Asset Management (TAM), a small asset management and investment consulting organization, succeeded in managing the portfolio’s downside risk and beating benchmarks. TAM, located in Jacksonville, Florida, has around $100 million in assets under management in two separate funds. In 2014, significant assets holding individuals were the clients of TAM, but Thompson was considered to incorporate corporate clients in order to extend his business. She decided to start from her university, where she met with the investment officer, for the university endowment fund. Thompson needed to develop a recommendation to demonstrate about her investment strategy, in order to win the complete investment of  $20 million. The case would be helpful in the syllabus that deal with portfolio theory and/or asset management at MBA-level or undergraduate finance.

Thompson Asset Management Case Study Solution

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Thompson Asset Management

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