Asics: Chasing A 2020 Vision Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Asics: Chasing A 2020 Vision Case Solution

Q 1. Write a market-oriented mission statement for ASICS and explain your answer.

“Bring innovative product and enhance yourefficiency.”

In ASPICS, the company announced the five-year strategic plan for ASPICS Growth Plan (A G P) 2020, which would remain effective  for the critical year when the Olympic Games would be held in Tokyo 2020. However, it would be difficult for the company to fulfill all the needs of the customer. But in today’s competitive environment, accompanied to focus on all the components that satisfy the customer needs and gain market share.

In doing so, ASPICS need to change all the product development and sales processes to be more consumer-centric. However, the company planned to open nearly 60 new retail stores globally every year for the upcoming five years. The company further acknowledged that increasingly gathered consumer related information through social networks, smartphones and purchased goods online areas where ASPICS lagged.

Furthermore, the company sought to enhance its apparel business as a key element of the direct to consumers shift. Although traditional sports brands such as Adidas and Nike also expanded into leisure clothing. However, the leisure market was estimated to be $97 billion in 2016. Over the period, market analyst believed that it would unlikely go away soon as it reflected a lifestyle that people of all generation found attractive.

By the time, the company would need to expand its core brand (footwear). However, the company core brand was comprising over 50 percent of the total sales. The company performance was well enough on its core brand. The shoes were highly functional and technically advanced designed to serve dedicated athletes competing in marathon races.

Moreover, accompaniments to expand its footwear segment in order to attract the audience in the market. However, in order to attract the fun runners company would develop a mid-tier line of shoes, which would lead to being ASPICS branded  released towards the end of 2016. However, the development of fun runner shoes would not be easy. Furthermore, to be successful in fun runner shoes, the company need to tackle a key success component “design appeal” for younger consumers. In order to be successful company would require to hire a creative design talent.

In addition to this, the company would communicate a consistent brand that appealing to the audience in the market. However, accompaniments to build innovative themes that would appeal to the audience in the market. To be successful in the market, accompaniments to develop the product that would appeal to the audience in the market. Hence, the consumer will gain a better understanding of their brand and build a relationship with a brand that leads to increase the company profitability, and gain market share in the competitive market.

Furthermore, the company needs to create a brand image that communicates a distinguish tone from its competitor like Nike, Adidas, Puma, or Under Armour. However, the company needs to focus on consumer need and attitude towards the brand, and take appropriate measures to fulfill the need of the consumer in the market.

Q 2. What macro-environmental factors have motivated ASPICS’ strategic plan for 2016-2020?


           The ASPICS sports business is subject to the effects of the political landscape. However, the political influence could affect the market so- market could not be able to play at its potential level. The following external components determine some of ASPICS strategies:

  • The stable political environment in most major markets.
  • Expanding free-trade policies.
  • Improving infrastructure through government support.

Stable political environment conditions in most major markets present opportunities for ASICS to grow its business in these areas. However, political stability is the key factor for the growth of any business.  Government intervention should be limited in the market so that the company would perform at its potential level and grow their business. On the other hand, the government should expand the free trade policy in order to facilitate the business, and for betterment market penetration overseas. In doing so, this will  boost the economy and the business in particular. However, free trade policy allows the market to perform at their potential level and expand the business operation in the market. Furthermore, the government should provide better infrastructure especially in developing countries; this will provide ASPICS more opportunities to expand its operation in these markets. Based on this, ASPICS would itself allow to expand its operations,improve its market presence and globally expansion in the apparel, sports footwear and, equipment market................

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