The Very Good Hot Dog Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The Very Good Hot Dog Company is launched in 2014 in the Pocono Mountains. It is a geographical, cultural and geological region, which is situated in famous Pocono Mountains northeastern Pennsylvania, United States. The Pocono Mountains are plateau of the great Allegheny. Establishing a massive figure of 2,400 square miles which is equal to 6,200 km2. Lake Wallenpaupack bordered these famous mountains on the north side, Wyoming Valley and Pennsylvania Dutch Country bordered it on the west and Lehigh Valley in the south. The Pocono Mountains are considered as one of the popular and quiet entertaining destination for both the local and regional visitors. Moreover, this location has been a popular tourist destination. The Pocono Mountains have a population of approximately 340,300, which is increasing at a prompt pace, essentially attributable to travelers from New Jersey and New York turning these vacation homes into long-lasting residences.

The Pocono Mountains are actually divided into five different regions: Lake Region, Mountain Region, Delaware River Region, Lehigh River Gorge Region and Upper Delaware River Region. The Poconos is a quiet famous recreation place for visitors from different places like the northeast, particularly from the city of New York and Philadelphia. The Poconos includes the Delaware State Forest, comprising six selected natural areas, seventeen state game lands, seven state parks and most importantly one national park. There are enormous opportunities for globally famous water sports because of several rivers and lakes which are stocked for fishing. Additionally the hunters can also chase wild turkeys, ruffed grouse, white-tailed deer and other expensive wildlife.

The famous elements which can attract more and more crowds are.

  • Camping
  • Tourism
  • Racing
  • Gambling
  • Skiing

In this span of time the restaurant actually has a limited number of items which includes hot dogs with the basic condiments, chips and soda for a reasonable price.


To came up with the best possible solutions for this new restaurant of The Very Good Hot Dog Company. Moreover to design a marketing campaign by using different medium of advertising by keeping in mind the dynamics of the Pocono Mountains.

The Assignment

  • Objective


To build and enhance brand image of ”The Very Good Hot Dog Company”

To establish this Hot Dog as most delicious & healthy choice among the target segments in the Pocono Mountains.

To strengthen the deep roots in the market for long term growth.

To achieve value share in the market by 2015.

To capture our direct competitors, market share and increase our share.

  • Challenge

To make sure that customers are satisfied with our product and dining services.

Positive public relations

Biggest challenges in to expand the number of stores and make it a permanent destination for both local, international visitors and for people living there.

Try level best to reform the hot dog in a quick service restaurant category

Generate sales in the competitive environment.

Provide a comfortable environment as per different seasons.

Making these hot dogs at home is not a big issue at all to deal with but to attract public The Very Good Hot Dog Company will make sure that the dining place would be state of the art. It would have leather sofas with soft cushions at every corner.  To make the environment friendly light music will be there as per customers demand. Moreover, there would be a free Wi-Fi facility to make sure that customers must check in on social media when they are at this restaurant. The environment would be kept pleasant with the help of air conditioners and heaters as per requirements. The crockery would be of exceptional quality because it is a onetime purchase but these all things needs to be done on limited budget which is a big challenge to deal with.

  • Brief

With Respect To Target Market

Youngsters, teenagers, bachelors, aged people and families who love fresh hotdog and associated products instead of other company packed products for a change will be our target market. Since this product does not belong to a specific age or community so its market is definitely large, and The Very Good Hot Dog Company must make sure its availability round the clock.




Generation X and Echo Boomers


Both male and female


$1000 and above (monthly)



Family Size:

Any family big or small, can be targeted or even singles.


These products do not have any racial discrimination


Any religion



Entire area of Pocono Mountains


All seasons are suitable for this product.



Youngsters, teenagers, bachelors, families who love such products (hot dogs and fast food). Corporate

sector people or.............

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