The Walt Disney Company – The Entertainment King Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Walt Disney is the one of thelargest entertainment companies in the United stated that has diversified businesses from a Mickey Mouse to cartoon short films and then full-length color films. Meanwhile, the company had been creative in its products. Because it was the only company that brought cartoons with some sound effects at its initial phase. It also introduced the first live actionanimation film that became a hit of that time. Similarly, the company hadbeen expanding very rapidly under the leadership of Michael Eisner, who expanded the Disney Land theme parks and introduced synergies in cross-departmental communications. On the other hand, the company had been successfully managing, and expanding into new businesses and made an objective to grow by 20%. Furthermore, Eisner also revitalized the entire company by adding value and emphasizing the creativity and by investing into the animation divisionby hiring talent for the movies. It successfully reduced the operating cost below the industrial average and produced some hit films too.The company’s biggest move was the acquisition of the large ABC network,which was the second-largest acquisition in the history of United States. The Network was top-rated in U.S.Furthermore, after acquisition, the Disney’s revenues started to deteriorate, because thelarger acquisitions have always created problems since both companies were large. Moreover, the cultural differencesbetween the both companies made difficult for the company to manage synergies in the organization as awhole.Also, after the acquisition of ABC Network,company’s expansion slowed, because  Eisner had been focusing on three major factors that were contributing to the success, growth, and expansion of the company. One, managing synergies in the organization throughout the Disney’s companies, and divisions. Second, managing brand that hasbeen negatively impacted. Third, managing creativity that was the distinctive competency of Disney.

The Walt Disney Company – The Entertainment King Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 1: Why Disney been so Successful for so long?

Introduction to the Walt Disney’s Company

Walter Elias Disney was an artist at the age of 17, after he failed in the cartoon based business at Kanas, he moved to the Hollywood in 1923, where he found the Disney Brother Studio with his older brother Roy.Walt was creative and innovative, and his brother was good at managing the money. Similarly, after struggling in thenewmarket, both brothers brought Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit that became a hit in 1927.

However, Walt was being bypassed by his distributer, who hired most ofWalt’sanimators. Walt prepared another team of animators, but he came to know after reading the copy of thecontractthat the distributor has copyrights of the Oswald. Meanwhile. This tragedy resulted in theinnovation of the Mickey Mouse Cartoon along with the added sound to the character that was never done before in the cartoon industry. Thus, it became famous worldwide.

Consequently, the company licensed the Mickey Mouse to the best companies because it had cash problems. Indeed Walt realized that the company could not sustain on the short cartoons. Hence, the company brought the full-length film in 1937 and named it Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It became the world’s first length, full color animated and the highest................

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The Walt Disney Company – The Entertainment King

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