IVEY (London Grand Bend Bicycle Tour) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IVEY (London Grand Bend Bicycle Tour) Case Solution

Analysis of Expected Duration

The conclusion from the analysis shows that even in the minimum time, the project cannot be completed because some activities take too much time to complete as compared to the actual completion date. Over here,we can see that activities B and C are very long to cover in the desired projected sheet.The distance between optimum and pessimistic days is very large and needs to improve at a short time period. The project already needs 59 days to complete therefore, the project manager must reduce some days to contact with the road department and county councils in order to complete the project in actual time. Some other activities need to be considered in order to execute the project. Every activity is the pre requisite of another activity therefore,it must be critically evaluated which activity needs some importance over another. Also, the minimum time to cover must be analysed to look for minimizing the activity if possible. This will make the project require less effort to implement and allow every activity to be performed in the given time period.

Consideration of Mean, Variance and their importance for critical and non-critical activities

The results from the project indicate that in the overall road map, some critical paths have been identified and need to be considered immediately as compared to longer paths. In this case, it is identified that requests for insurance to Toronto national office must be evaluated immediately as that will allow to permit the request from county councils which could be the starting point to execute the project further. Moreover,activity K shows that the road must be verified immediately to expand the project process because without verification, the event can cause severe damage with constructed roads.Activity N and P also indicate that it must be executed very shortly as compared to longer days’ activities. The results of mean and variances show that every project must be executed in the given time period.

Some activities take more time to complete because of the higher mean and variance and they can be less critical to perform immediately while the activities having less mean and variance show critical path to complete. In this sense, critical indicates completing the activity within the given time and immediately if there is no such difference between minimum and maximum days. The overall result shows that the project takes more time as compared to the actual days. In this case, the project must minimize its non-critical activities in order to meet the actual level of days given to complete.The analysis of Z score also shows that the project can be completed within the given time and has 95% possibility to be accomplished.

Re-evaluate the possibility to critical and non-critical paths

The above analysis can be very useful to identify critical and non-critical paths. I would advise McNulty to properly follow the critical activities as well as make sure that non-critical activities could hurt the entire project. Activity B and C can be very important for the execution of project because without having contact with the service providers, the project cannot be accomplished. Therefore,some decisions have to be made by the project manager in order to decrease the extra days for executing the event. If they delay to execute activities B and C, then it would be difficult to run the project. As the mean and variance of these activities are high, therefore it must be implemented as early as possible in order to minimize the days. The threat of delaying such activities can be very serious because these is the starting point of the project and if it is not performed timely, then the project will be face overtime and extra efforts with more cost to implement.................

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