Philips Healthcare: Marketing the HealthSuite Digital Platform Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In June 2014, top healthcare and consumer technology firm, Royal Philips (“Philips”), announced its HealthSuite Digital Platform to house health care data and enable programs used by physicians and patients. Philips had powerful equity in the health care technology space, because of the wide-ranging portfolio of medical devices and relevant applications sold mainly to hospitals.

Philips designed the first two apps for the platform (eCareCoordinator and eCareCompanion) in-house, but it planned to open it up to third party developers who’d make a range of health-centered programs. Healthcare had lagged behind other industries in adoption of technology as well as patient-relationship management. Yet, many health players had recently increased investment in data analytics and new infrastructure. Would the new Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform find success in the quickly evolving industry?

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