Circles: Lifecycle of a New Venture Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the tenth year of business, Circles' cofounders, Janet Kraus and Kathy Sherbrooke, had completed a successful exit for their company. They had worked for years, developing their early venture into a top provider of concierge services with over $40 million in yearly sales.

The two not only had to package the business for sale, but also prepare themselves for the next stages of their careers in preparing the company for departure. Sherbrooke would move on to a corporate function with the acquirer, Sodexho, as the CEO of Groups, and Kraus would take on directing Spire, an early stage business, a Circles spinoff. The transition would not be merely one for the firm, but also one for their relationship as co-founders and true business associates.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Circles: Lifecycle of a New Venture

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