The US-USSR Grain Agreement Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The US-USSR Grain Agreement Case Solution

In July, top White House economic officials in the Ford Administration, 1975 receive advice that the Soviet Union, in the face of a grain crop that is unsatisfactory, might seek to buy considerable amounts of corn and wheat from US providers. This case is an insider report of the confluence of political and economic factors which emerge as officials confront the choice regarding whether to take any actions to deter grain sale at a time when the Cold War is raging, to the Soviets.
The case particularly looks at the issue of whether the Government should seek to link grain exports, which are tremendously popular among farm state voters, arguably, a humanitarian measurement and have, to more extensive diplomatic and political goals. Based in part on The US-USSR Grain Deal (Roger Porter, Cambridge University Press, 1984), this case is a picture of the information gathering and decision making procedures at the maximum degree of the United States government. HKS Case Amount 1449.0

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE



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The US-USSR Grain Agreement

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