Vanguard Group, Inc.–1998 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Vanguard Group, Inc.--1998 Case Solution

This success is viewed by Vanguard as another indication of its low cost strategy of no-load funds, expense ratios that are little, frank customer communicating, high quality service, and predictable operation. But the organization also is mindful of the unprecedented changes happening in the financial services sector.
Financial institutions have been quickly merging, with companies like Merrill Lynch, and Citigroup, UBS each holding customers and other assets in excess of a trillion dollars. The provision of financial services to customers is undergoing a rapid and drastic change across all features, from development to the cost. This is majorly due to the pace at which technology and the Internet are moving. Vanguard confronts crucial decisions; including enlarging its range of products and offering asset management services in other states, and has to carefully contemplate its future.

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PUBLICATION DATE: September 10, 1998


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Vanguard Group, Inc.–1998

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