The patent War: Apple vs Samsung Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The patent War: Apple vs Samsung Case Study Solution

The case illustrates the scenario of patent war between the two giants of the market, Apple and Samsung. Over the period of time, with the development of technology and innovation in market, Apple has succeeded in developing strong market position and brand image through unique product features and designs. It partnered with Samsung for the posturing job of some of its operational activities. However, in 2011, the apple alleged Samsung for using some of its features and designs of the phone which are patent under the law. However, Samsung counteract he allegation by proving the difference between the products.The main concept represented in the case is patent authorization.There are three type of patents namely utility design and Trademarks.These three categories define the different patent cause under which Apple and Samsung fight with each other in the courtroom.However, though the technology has advanced and the law has improved, there are certain loop holes or areas in the law which differs county to country and hence offers a shield to Samsung to pursue the bard strategy uniformly in the market.

Keywords:  Innovation, Samsung, Apple, Patent War.


Apple and Samsung both are operating in the same market for nearly decades.The apple has developed the market leadership by maintaining and establishing a unique product offerings and designs and patenized it so to secure the intellectual property.On the other hand, Samsung, the biggest competitor of Apple has developed the strong and extensive market share by instructing android phones in the market, which though didn’t captured or conflicted Apple market share but intensified the competition and made the market saturated.In the initial period, Apple and Samsung formed the partnership on the basis of outsourcing relationship and which accounted 4% of the total Samsung revenue.Till this Tim, the patent infringements events didn’t occurred in market till ion 2011 When Apple alleged Samsung for copying its design and utility patents in its new Galaxy S series phone.Though the legal body of apple filed for 2.5 Billion lawsuit,Samsung only paid USD 1 billion against it.It is the technology is and innovation is complicated to patent in the tech aggressive market.And since it is complicated to patent the product features and other things, Samsung remain to take the advantage from the apple’s Expertise in market.

However, with the pursuance of this case, Samsung also counter fit Apple’s more to patent all of the designs logs, names, description and technology as the constraint to excel in technology and smart phone market.This may harm the innovation base and Silicon Valley, while on other hand, made it difficult for brands to meet the customer dem and by pursuing certain strategy which may be covered by Apple Patents. Samsung pursued the same strategy to file the lawsuit in 9 countries which resulted in mix results.It is because the legal system and outlaw of each region differs from each other,Samsung has been successful in winning the lawsuit in Korean and made Apple pay for the lawsuit however,and it failed in Germany due to difference in legal and law structure.

The patent War Apple vs Samsung Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The war remain to continue since both the giants have been tremendously putting in research and development to excel in technology in smartphone market. This makes them override each other in certain domain. For instance, Samsung alleged apple for the use of 4g inits devices which had been patent b the Samsung.The Samsung won the lawsuit of 4G in South Korean and lost in America. It is because the ethnocentrism Biasness which outlines the support of the national brands in Korea and US respectively.

All in all, it is eminent that the legal law, structure, and potion of each gain in different regions offers different level of law gar to the company in doing patents to the company technological base. However, it is also eminent, that in the fast moving technological industry, and the rising use demand of the customer base to get additional features mitigates the outcries of patent infringement.It is because since the competition is rising, many companies will adopt the aggressive strategies to offer additional innovative base to the consumers leading to the intense threat to the intellectual properties of the big giants like apple and Samsung.

Problem Statement

The rising concerns of Apple to patent its technology and the patent law leveraged by Samsung and Apple both, creating a severe conflict in the market.


PESTEL Analysis

Political Factors

Under the political factors, the legal law and country laws may have great impact on the business strategy and patent infringement policy of the comedy.It is bascule, the US law differs from other region laws.In addition, it should be noted that the majority of apple sale are generated from out side US, hence the political relationship of US with other countries also posit high pressure on Apple strategy in pursuing the sustainable business in other countries.Also, from the imitation of apple, The Company joined hands with many outside suppliers to produce the chips and other part of the products in order to decrease the operational cost.The political relationship with these partner regions posits high risk on the operations of the company and plays a great role in strategy making................

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