The Manor Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case has a detailed look at the ninth-largest revenue income, independent restaurant in the United States. Manor is a finely tuned, a family business where every employee, although not related by blood, is a member of The Manor "family." The restaurant is family owned Knowles, with Harry Knowles, patriarchal slave-driver, and his two sons, led the day-to-day operations. The event, which takes a close look at the Knowles family, focuses on what is involved in a typical lunch today, and what is required in the way of facilities, operations and staff to ensure this experience. Videotapes # 8228, "The Restaurant Manor - A visit to the estate," and # 8229, "The Restaurant Manor - Talk Service Leadership", designed for use in this case (see video bibliography.) This case and related materials may be used as part of the continuous improvement of the teaching of the module. "Hide
by Alexander Horniman, Robert D. Landel, Christina Lotze, John Gasiewski Source: Darden School of Business 14 pages. Publication Date: September 22, 1993. Prod. #: UV0331-PDF -ENG

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