The impact of organizational performance and workforce Diversity, Cultural inequalities and ethical concerns Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The impact of organizational performance and workforce Diversity, Cultural inequalities and ethical concerns Case Study Solution

Ethical Implication

Due to diversity in the organization and global spread of the phenomena, there are certain ethical implications that the mangers or organization needs to access before implicating the changes. Moreover, these changes and adoption of diverse organizational strategy, may allow different stakeholders to transform the vision and redevelop a new pattern of organizational working addressing the needs and demands of the customer and the market.

The historical implication of the Global Diversity may result in:

  1. The development of the social society, which may address the needs and wants of each gender and race, without discrimination, leading to the development of healthy society. Such may create a domino effect on the economy such as; increase in number of working force and thus pooling of substantial talent, making the organization to improve and enhance the offerings. In addition, such healthy society, may also transform the family development rules such as value and may reduce the stress, frustration, making the individuals to improve the mental health and to perform better at work.
  2. The HR managers and the counsellors may address the needs of the development of the system and polices to accommodate the diverse workforce through equity. Since equality and equity are two different parameters of ethical distribution of resources in the workplace and in society. Such addressing of the issues may allow the organization to pursue the equity theory leading to better distribution of resources and hence development of healthy prosperous society.
  3. Moreover, the incorporation of the diversity in the organization and in the society may result in the change of the perspectives of individuals, leading to better development of ideas and change of stereotypes and social stigmas, which have oppressed different gender and age groups, making the organization and the society healthy and prosperous.
  4. Though ageing and gender ceiling is a hard concept for the organization to accept and re frame. Perhaps, the researches to base on acceptance and breaking the stereotype may results in atleast adoption or understanding of the ideas, leading to slow and gradual change adaption. Moreover it is eminent that this would enable the organizations to bring change that sometimes can bring resistance in the system, leading to conflicts and grapevine. Yet, the right development of change management strategy may allow the organization and manage to deal diversity and resistance against it effectively.
  5. Apart from this, the highlighting of the issues related to diversity would allow the managers to develop more firm policies and training programs, irrespective of the age, gender and race, leading to better placement of the individuals, hence improving the recruitment and selection policies of the organization. It can be said that such may also results in better strategic planning for HR and succession planning, leading to better performance and talent management within organization, thus the sustainability and maintenance of the competitive skills and position.

Ethical Theories and social Responsibility

Respect for autonomy

The principal focuses on the respect of decision making, in making the choice of lives and having the freedom to pursue the life according to one’s choice. Such theory makes a significant part of the diversity management, since the right placement of the theory would allow the organization to enable the individuals to pursue the life on their terms, reducing the stress and depression. In addition, since in the past, the organization remained reluctant to address the needs of different gender and race, it developed a negative impact on the employees and on the organization as well in maintaining the performance, leading to high training cost, frequent job hiring and poor productivity. However, the inception of diversity and autonomy in the system may allow the organization to embrace the changes and may facilitate different gender, age and ease individual accordingly, making a better working environment and prosperous economy.


The ethical theory based on rights outlines the presences of the right of the individual given by the society. The pursuance of diversity in the workplace may allow the organization to develop the right polices and rules to accommodate the individual leading to the development of unbiased organizational culture, thus expediting the performance and productivity are indicated in the organization. In addition, the right addressing of the rights of different gender age and race allows the organizational and manager to eradicate the stereotypes, thus improving the rights preservance and hence making an organization a better place to work.


The ethical theory of virtue affects the decision making of the organization and allows it to embrace the individuals for their character and personality and not by the action carried out of normal behavior. Such is a significant factor that may affect the decision making of the organization. Since, in past the biased decision making has been implied to racial backgrounds of the individuals such as blacks and the aged employees, irrespective of the performance, leading to poor decision making, placement, and recruitment.

Furthermore, the principal of virtue also plays a vital role of social responsibility in the market. It is due to the fact that such may allow the organizations to recruit and hire the people irrespective of the background, leading to the betterment in the society and prosperity.

The compelling ethical issues are as follows:

  1. Though, the organizations has started addressing the ethical issues and diversity in the workplace, it still has to develop the right ethical practice such as development of rights and changing of the organizational parameters.
  2. Moreover, organization can ensure the inception of new roles and practices within the organization for the development and implementation of change in order to change the mindset. Since racial discrimination and gender biasness has remained a part of origination for long period, eradicating it from the organization in tangible mean might be easier, perhaps, changing the perception of the people and sustaining it would be an issue and would require the continuous effort and benchmarking to sustain the organization in the long term.
  3. Lastly, maintaining the equity and justifying it in the organization is a complex ethical issue. It is due to the difference in the mentality of people working and also due to the pre-developed perception that effects the thinking of the employees.

Proposed Solution

Since ageing is global issue and the significant change is required in the organization to accommodate the employees on the basis of performance and perusal characteristics rather than race, gender and age, following solutions are proposed to enable the organizations to embrace diversity and develop a healthy work environment:

  1. Since it is established that with ageing, people start to get slow or not as fast as young people, the organizations need to develop such job roles and tsk that can be performed by the people easily, without exhausting them and stressing them to a maximum level.
  2. The organizations also need to develop the flexible work system for the ageing employees, enabling them to work according to their ease. It is due to the fact that since with passing time, the body clock changes and certain illness takes hold of the people, it is important for the organization to address the need of the workforce and allow the employees to work at their ease or from home.
  3. In addition to this, the organizations also need to develop an equity base pay scale. Since in most of the organizations, the older people are assigned as internees or to do minor tasks, thinking about the limited capability and ignoring the experience and knowledge factor. Such should not be pursued, in fact, the organization should try to utilize the expertise and experience of the ageing employees to train the staff and to upscale the performance of the organization. Having said so, the organization should develop a handsome pay scale for the high performing employees, in order to make these employees retained with the organization (Wirth, 2001).
  4. Also, the organizations and the managers need to redevelop the organizations getting structure to develop a close relationship between the older and new generation in the organizations. This is important to enhance the communication amongst two generations in order to reduce the resistance and the conflicts, leading to development of effective team and hence improving the performance of the overall organization.
  5. Furthermore, the organizations need to develop different training programs for the ageing individuals. Collaborative training programs with learning skills should be introduced to make the employee learn the new market tactics. Such offering of the career plan will boost the motivation level of the ageing employees, leading to better sustainability and retention with the organizations.
  6. Apart from this, the organizations should develop such culture and structure that would’ve the potential to embark the physical changes of these employees. For which, they should first work on the designs that allows the individual to move around in the organization and also pursue a healthy lifestyle. Since it has been found that working in a same posture for long hours is deadly for human body, it is recommend that the organizations should develop such structure and culture that promotes healthy living and lifestyles (Gergen, 2005).
  7. Also, it is suggested, to accommodate and facilitate the ageing employees within the organizations, the organizations need to offer such environment and ambience to make the ageing employees work effectively and efficiently. Such as installing the right lighting, desks and other requirements of the office infrastructure, especially chairs to comfy them and enable them to work effectively because of the pleasant workplace environment.
  8. In addition to this, the organizations need to offer autonomy and empowerment to the ageing people. This is proposed due to the fact that since it is considered that the ageing people with time, lose the capability to make decision, the offering of right power and autonomy would allow these employees to boost the will power and motivation level of employees, leading to better performance combined with significant experience, ultimately offering competitive edge to the company (Cox, 1991).

Education and Training programs:

Since the idea of equity and equity treatment has been proposed. It is suggested that the organizations should develop and promote healthy lifestyle throughout the organizations. For doing so, it should inaugurate the health related workshops and the low mobility exercises that can be done in offices for all type of employees to improve their postures and overall body structure. The organizations can set the time of 10 minutes fixed after each 3 hours for exercise. Such inception of strategy and plan will not only promote healthy lifestyle but will also increase the employee binding that may aid in developing an effective team (Blau, 2000).


Lastly, the organizations need to develop the team work with the organizations for  different generation to work together and enhance the skill base, leading to the development of competitive edge. For doing so, the organization should team up the young employees with the old employees to work on the similar tasks. In such combination in the team, the experience of the aged employees and the energy of young employees may result in the best outcomes. In addition to this, managers should treat the employees equally. They should not communicate a message that signals the degradation of the ageing people due to the reduced ability to meet the pace of young employees in terms of communication, work and technology usage. But in fact should develop a friendly environment to make both parties learn from each other (Marzuli, 2013).........


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