The Gentleman’s Journal Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The gentleman’s journal is considered as one of the best magazines the United Kingdom Kingdom. The magazine mainly targets mainly the men’s market and is aimed at ambitious, global, and intelligent minded who have a strong interest in luxury, cars, property, fashion lifestyle, actors fashion trends, watches, wine, politics, business, features, tech and much more.

The Gentleman’s Journal has a world-wide magazine circulation of 50,000 copies per issue, which means 40% growth on last year. The gentleman’s Journal is basically a premium media brand, and the magazine has no-free distribution policy. The company distributes at an exclusive event, with valuable audience. The purpose of the company to target the affluent and business audience.

The main purpose of the company is to provide the readers exclusive stories that haven’t been told before. Therefore, the magazine hires best qualified professional and journalists, in order to bring more innovative and creative information. This will lead the company to gain more revenue and profits in the near future. In terms of innovation, the company conducts in-depth interviews with high profile personalities and figures such as actors Jude law, and Jeremy Irvine. Furthermore, famous sportsmen such as Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Lewis Hamilton, and billionaire such as Sir Richard Branson and Laurence Graff.

Moreover, the magazine partners consist of Luxury hotels, private members clubs and private air charter. The Gentleman’s Journal is fast becoming the leading resource for men’s luxury and fashion lifestyles. They provide up-to-date and latest fashion trends to its readers.


The objective of the company is to target men whose style is classic, elegant, and understand on equal measure possessing an ambitious and educated mind. The company has a strong focus on classic tailoring, elegance and investment. The company’s aim is to inspire, educate and empower the men around the world to succeed in career and businesses.


The brand strategy strives to make a brand meets all the requirements of the customers ranging from luxurious lifestyle as well as their requirement of latest fashion trends or other segment of the market. The launch of The Gentleman’s Journal in Indonesian market is an important step in the strategy of the company to expand the reach of our leading brand internationally to meet growing consumers’ and advertisers’ needs, requirements and demands.

Media Distribution and Planning

The media distribution and planning strategy which include targeting the Indonesian market, with the arrangement of concerts, charity shows and awards show to gain media attention on a mass level. Moreover, 90% of the Indonesians use Facebook and Twitter, so this would an advantage for the Gentleman’s Journal to utilize social media, in order to introduce the magazine by doing advertising and promotion on websites. Social media comprises of low cost and relatively gain more customers advantages. The first priority of the Magazine is to target the male population of the Indonesian market.

Evaluation metrics

In order to determine whether the Gentleman’s Journal magazine meets all its objectives and satisfies the Indonesian market, it is important to conduct market segmentation of the Indonesian market.


The magazine targets the age group of 20-50. The purpose of targeting this age group is because the majority of males started to adopt fashion trends in this age, especially the youth followed the famous actors, models and fashion divas.

Demographic segmentation:

Indonesia is the Fourth largest populated country in the world. Its ethnic composition consists of wide variety as a country contains hundreds of different ethnic and cultural groups. The majority of the percentage share of population from 15-64 is male. The company should take an advantage of the majority of the male population to launch a magazine for men.The Gentleman’s Journal Case Solution

Psychographic Segmentation:

Following are the psychographic segmentation of the Indonesian market:


The company’s readers have high flying careers in business, diverse range of people from marketing to finance, CEOs, entrepreneurs. However, the majority of the people live by the mantra that Time is money and want to be more informed with real life examples. The company considered them an important part of the Gentlemen’s Journal Magazines consumers.

Occupation: The magazine does not target certain occupation category, but the majority of the buyers are from middle and upper society, which include businessmen, entrepreneurs, CEO, sportsmen, health fitness foods and drinks........................

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