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            The chapter “Cyber law and business” basically discusses the issues that come under the wide range of legal aspects which include all the different legal aspects that fall under the cyberspace and also provides the opportunity to the managers where they can see the changes that shall occur with the changes in the society.

            The chapter even discusses the aspect of the intellectual property issues, the ecommerce, issues and obstacles related to the online marketing, the privacy, the issues of employment in cyberspace, online harassment, and employment at will in cyberspace. The paper basically looks to explore the issues of cyber law and business, where it looks to explain how has the law changed as the society has changed (Richet, 2013).

            Moreover, the paper even explores the intellectual property issues in the cyberspace, whereas the chapter shall also look to explore the ecommerce issues in the cyber law. Along with this, the chapter has also looked to discuss the employment law issues in the cyberspace and the war against crime.

            Furthermore, the chapter has explained where the companies such as Napster has actually started, thrived and the changes that has been taken place as a consequence of the legal challenges that are available in the cyber space. The majority of the companies that introduce a new product face immediate threat from the hackers which try to encrypt the new technology (Balkin, J., 2006).

            As the chapter indicates in the past, companies actually felt threatened by the power of Microsoft, however, more recently Google Inc. has emerged as a threat to Microsoft. The different cyber laws have actually been developed by companies to overcome the threat they might face regarding the cyber issues and cyber laws.


            The chapter basically looks to communicate that the legal system generally helps in changing the needs where it actually abides to obey the law. Moreover, the World Wide Web and the internet have actually raised an important question as to how the law shall change. Along with this, as the legal system has been adjusted to the explosive growth where the actors within the state and the federal government of the countries have actually redefined their roles and responsibilities (Richet, 2011).

            For instance, the Supreme Court of the United States have made sure that the Congress does not actually overstep its bounds when it shall be passing the legislation that actually limits the speech on the internet. Moreover, the court has also looked to redevelop the way they function regarding cyber laws.

            For instance, the modified rules have been revived for the personal jurisdiction. Similarly the laws regarding the laws for the property law or the intellectual property has also changed. The domain names have also become valuable trademarks also. These domain names have actually become of such importance that the cyber pirates have actually looked to take the advantage of the trademark owners by actually obtaining a domain name that shall register the organization trademark (Richet, 2013).

            The chapter also discusses the copyright law challenged. To overcome the challenges of copyright law the courts of various countries have actually become quite proactive in developing new and innovative concepts that shall help in the copyright infringement, that shall occur when the creators of a website present a material over the web that helps in encouraging the visitors to the website to violate the copyright laws.Business Law case Solution

            Along with the courts have also recognized the overall impact of the change in technology over the property rights. Therefore, this recognition has actually allowed the courts to even redefine and reconsider the rights of the individual who help in developing different forms of the intellectual property (Miyazaki, 2000).

            Furthermore, in the modern world quite a few issues have risen in the cyberspace also. Nowadays, individuals are actually becoming increasingly concerned about the fact where they look to place privacy rights over their confidential and private information. Similarly, the aspect of online marketing has also increased the lawsuits that shall investigate the administrative agencies also.

            Moreover, it has been observes that due to cyberspace issues, the employers have become rather harsh and more concerned over the activities of the employees on the internet. If handled inappropriately organizations tend to fire the employees. Organizations tend to focus on eliminating the risk of cyber crime by installing different methods and techniques that shall serve the needs of the organizations in securing the cyber data for the company (Hugl, 2011)...................

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