The Family Council: Organization and Function Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The manner a family council is arranged and how it works depends on a succession of variables: the council's level of development, whether a family constitution exists, which generations are included, whether the family committee is in the introductory stages, or whether, on the divergent, there's already a set program for meetings and an existing track record, the characteristics of the family and its unique extent (a council composed of the parents and children is not similar as the one between brothers or amongst the cousins, including the uncles, etc.) if the council members are the members of Board of Directors, etc.

The Family Council Organization and Function case study solution

The family constitution may dictate the rationale for the existence of its particular functions and the family council. The family constitution comprises the principles and criteria used in the family government system to address family matters and personal issues that should be managed by the family council. The specific facets are distinct for every special family.


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The Family Council: Organization and Function

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